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Voters Say Barack has best plan/ Follow up on class discussion today

In the middle of what seems to be the most serious economic failure since the times of The Great Depression, the economy has coming flying back to the forefront of voter minds.  First and foremost, it needs to be understood that the Republican Party should not be allowed to shed any light in the situation whatsoever, and they should be busier explaining as to what happened and why their philosophy failed the majority of the American people.  During Obama’s campaign in Colorado he stated, “I certainly don’t fault Senator McCain for these problems.” “But I do fault the economic philosophy he subscribes to. It’s the same philosophy we’ve had for the last eight years — one that says we should give more and more to those with the most and hope that prosperity trickles down to everyone else.” In a MSNBC poll, readers were asked which candidate has the best policy for solving America’s economic problem?  This particular poll shows that out of almost 41,000 voters, over 30,000 of them say that Obama has the best plan to change the course of America.  With the collapse of many of the largest financial institutions in America, the buy out of Merrill Lynch, and now the 80 billion dollar rescue of AIG, I would have to say that the current policy is extremely flawed, I would be compelled to say that the top 1% of Americas richest people, do not want to be taxed more, I would also argue that the theory of prosperity trickling is absolutely absurd.  Considering that the Democratic Party is out of power, therefore making the economic crisis technically not their fault, I believe that this is going to work to their advantage; you can’t technically expect change to come for the betterment of the American economy when it has been proven that John McCain, by his own admission does not know much about the economy, considering it isn’t really his natural turf, and he subscribes to the same beliefs and party standards that bush has set, “the economic philosophy he subscribes to,” based on tax cuts for the wealthy and the habit of “ignoring economic problems until they spiraled into crises”, Said Obama.  America is in a deep economic crisis, similar to that of the Great Depression, personal savings is at an all time low, the stock market crashes daily, so I am left with the question of, what’s next?  I am not sure that Barrack’s plan is feasible, but I am sure that John McCain’s plan would be at least another four years of the same thing, which the American economy cant even afford right now. One thing is for sure, both nominees need to strop playing tag with these back and forth attacks and get down to the real issues.


            Just to follow up a little bit on what we talked about in class today. After reading the articles on Obama, I must say I feel a little relieved that Obama is human!! (NEWSFLASH)…  It is extremely interesting to me that I am hearing the fact that Obama isn’t a politician just like the next, because he drives for change, therefore he isn’t allowed to do what it takes to accomplish that change.  Many people want to turn there back on Barack in an instant at the first notion of some twisted way of getting money, or making connections through whoever he may and how ever he may. The reality of the situation is the fact that Obama wouldn’t be where he is without his connections; neither would McCain, Bush, Kennedy, Clinton, and unfortunately the list roles right on down to your favorite politicians as well.  My more cynical view of the situation is the fact that Obama catches such criticism for the things he does; which anybody who is somebody has to do to get anywhere, is the fact that people are scared of change.  Any type of change, good or bad, Barack is a black male, with the middle name Hussein, so every step he makes is going to be under more scrutiny because of the change that he does represent.  Lets face it Barack is a politician, so is McCain, Hilary, and everyone else in the political scheme, you will be hard pressed to find anyone in this field that hasn’t done something to advance his personal agenda or the one he is fighting for.





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