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Key platform issues for both parties

When choosing a candidate for office a person picks their candidate because they agree or share common ideologies regarding the platform ideas.  Same sex marriage is one of these issues.  Some states like California and Vermont have already passed laws making it legal for gays to marry.  These marriage licenses however are not valid in other states at this point.  So deciding whether to recognize the marriage license from a different state is still being worked out.  Polling has many statistics about these and other issues surrounding the election. 

When asked whether gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry the results were tied.  Forty seven percent said yes and no.  Seven percent of the voters were undecided.  Oddly when asked if voters would be opposed to or favor an amendment to the constitution that would ban same-sex marriage a large percentage of fifty eight to thirty five would oppose it.  So the fact that almost half of Americans don’t want same sex couples to get married yet they are against banning it in the U.S. constitution seems very odd to me.  This to me shows that they are still debating it in their head and haven’t come to a decision so they are just going to leave it open ended for now and maybe either pass it into law later down the road or ban it for good and try to put it in the constitution. 

Another intense election issue aside from same sex marriages is abortion.  This issue has been around for many years similar to same sex marriage.  Along side of same sex marriage there are many ways that it could be made illegal.  It could remain legal only for a mother who is in danger physically if she carries the baby, or if the baby was created from rape or incest, and only if its within the first three months of the pregnancy.  Polling report dot com also has figures on this.  Forty-six percent of voters say it should always be legal within the first three months of the pregnancy. Forty percent state that it should only be legal in certain situations like incest, rape or if the mother’s health is in danger from carrying the baby.  The polling goes on to state that ten percent of voters believe it should be illegal in all circumstances, no matter what.

Polling report asks if a presidential candidate were to take a stand on abortion and it wasn’t what the voter agreed with if they would still considering voting for that same candidate.  Seventy three percent said they would still consider that candidate while twenty percent would not.  Six percent were unsure in this category.

So whether it comes to same-sex marriage the American people still seem to be unsure about how they fully feel about it, but are going to stay conservative on it until they have fully decided, and that’s when they may change their view point about putting it into the constitution.

Abortion has also been a touchy subject for many years, leading to many candidates tip toeing around the issue.  It seems like now more than ever candidates will still be doing that since most voters think its only okay to have an apportion in the beginning of the pregnancy or due to health or rape issues.  This can especially be an issue for the democratic party since some of their following tend to be moderate to liberal about these ideas and want to see same sex marriage and laws similar to that nature be put into practice.


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