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The Last Month of Dirt, aka What Will Stick?

By: Jet Peterson
Now that we have reached the last month of the campaign season, the mud-slinging is increased.  The old claims and the old relations are being dug up to create a guilt by association. Barack Obama has been in associations with the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. John McCain has associations with Keating. Both are old relations with loose validity and both are being used to create an association to the candidate and the bad guy.  John McCain is being associated with financial corruption and the down fall of the financial system currently. Barack Obama is being associated with domestic terrorism and the dangers in the world. These are the last efforts to go to our deepest fears, and that the candidates are the demons that are ruining our fears.  The only thing that we can actually do is be rational and pick out what we really want out of a candidate, not what they’ve done in the past or who they have met with.  This is not a time for fear mongering but for deep discussion on who we want to lead the country for the next 4 years. The following are the videos each campaign has been slinging at each other with hopes that they will stick and scare us into voting the other way.  Its important to evaluate each of them, but not be stuck in the rhetoric 
The Obama campaign put out the following video describing the relation of John McCain with Charles Keating.
Here is CNN’s truth squad giving its fact checking on the video and the overall campaign opinion on it. It found that overall the Obama campaign was truthful in describing McCain’s involvement in the Keating scandal of the 1980’s.
It is fair to note that John McCain was involved only slightly, and was accquited of any illegal activity, and was only repramanded for his poor judgement on pushing that legislation that held back the regulations on the Savings and Loan group. 
Here is the video of the American Issues Committee defining Obama’s relationship with Ayers, and Ayers’ involvement in terrorism.
Here is CNN’s Truth squad giving its evaluation on Obama and his involvement with Ayers or the actions that Ayers took place in. They found that the claims were false.
Fox News presented another count of his involvement with Ayers in the Chicago School group.  It shows more clearly what happened with Obama and Ayers in that group, and how they are related. Here is that video on Fox with Stanley Kurtz.
Its fair to note that the relationship that Ayers and Obama has is mostly political due to the highly left politics in South Chicago.  Left politics in South Chicago is far left, and the machine is focused on Ayers and Wright. 
The last bit of bad past relationships that are being dragged up is the relationships of the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. Here is the Special Comment by Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. Keith brings up Sarah Palin’s association with the Alaskan Independence party, and a guest Minister at her Alaskan church known for leading a Witch Hunt in Kenya.
This kind of mud-slinging will only worsen politics for this last month before election day. When these sort of ideas are dug up just to deface the opponent it only hurts us as citizens that will live under this individual for four years. Making it so that we can’t trust out leaders doesn’t do anything to help us when they are elected. In crises trust is needed in our leaders not finger pointing and over developed allegations. So I am hoping that Americans will look past all of the dirt and elect the next president not on the dirt, but on actual beliefs that the person they picked is the person that is best for America.


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The Nader Effect

Author: Jet Peterson

The year 2000 saw new changes in the world of politics first with the idea of the Supreme Court halting further recounts to effectively give the presidency to George W. Bush. Along with the sight of the importance of just a little over 1%. Ralph Nader the Green Party candidate of 2000 garnished just a little over 1% of the Florida vote that year. Currently he is now known as the spoiler for Gore.

Flashing forward to this year who and what is the possible Nader effect for this election. The primary season changed the face of politics and showed a few interesting ideas of how big of an effect this seasons Nader, Bob Barr. During the primary McCain fell behind twice of one Ron Paul, whom was just asked by Bob Barr to be the Libertarian ticket running-mate. Ron Paul recieved more votes of support than John McCain in the Nevada primary, and the Montana caucus. How large of an effect will that be in those two states, one of which, Nevada, is considdered a battleground?

This current season only sparringly does the major polling institutions take account of the third party by making them an option on who would be elected. The last Rasmussen that took that into account had Bob Barr polling at 6% nationally, an estimated that figure took 7% from McCain, 5% from Obama, and another 5% from undecideds. Olbermann on Countdown on MSNBC when Bob Barr, July 25, 2008, was the guest stated, “All the early polling has suggested that you(Barr) and Mr. Nader seperately and collectavely would get not insignificant support.” Fox Business earlier that month had Barr quoted stating,”We are already polling in some states in double digits. Which is very unusal for a Libertarian candidate.”  How large of a spoiler is Barr this election, when there is so many states that are within a 6% margin for one candidate or the other, Currently Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, New Mexico, Florida, and South Dakoda are up to be spoiled to the other side because of Barr.  While Barr will never be able to steal the lime-light or probally not even have enough polls to put him on the debates, will he be the spoiler of 2008 and take the Republicans with him?


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The Rise of Third Parties

With the a pair of candidates both new to the white house there is an increased possibilty for the new third parties. Libertarians, the Green Party, and famous Independents are the largest parties outside of the major two. This is is gaining increased media attention for theses candidates. Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, has appeared on The Colbert Report. Also via comedian Jillette Penn of Penn and Teller on Glenn Beck Headline News(Dec 16). Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party Candidate, Is mostly found in congressional record, where she sponsored the MLK Records Act, and The Tupac Shakur Records Act. Consumer Advocate Ralph Nadar is always found on multiple films, television programs, and has multiple books out. Below is the video of Penn on Glenn Beck.


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