About Tony Robinson

tonyrobinson.jpgTony Robinson is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Colorado Denver. Dr. Robinson teaches American Politics (emphasizing elections), and has won various teaching awards, including the University President’s Faculty Excellence award for advancing teaching through technology. He has published numerous articles, and is the author of The 2008 Presidential Campaign Workbook, part of Pearson’s MyPolitics series.


6 responses to “About Tony Robinson

  1. Spike

    Hey! Nice suit! Read what I could and browsed the rest. Now, being from yon rooral and non-learnin’s background, I is certinly your gun-tottin conSERvative, grasping at whatever I can cause I is so feared and angry at all these changes goin on…lol. Ok, enough of that crap. 🙂 Some interesting reading actually. Liked the correlation of the urban vote being made up of mostly College Grads/types. I would like to see what happens though with that same demographic as they age though ( I believe you only went to 29?) and actually have to work for a living. Is there voting record the same ten years further on? I have no clue as I know nothing about politics. Hope this comment was not innappropriate and will talk at you later.


  2. Tony Robinson

    Hey Spike–I see your reply is a response to the “Two Americas Duke it Out Post.” So anyone wanting to see the source Spike is replying to, go there. Spike asks: will currently young people change their voting habits to lean Republican as they age? Probably–that’s been the general pattern. As people age, their income goes up, they tend to marry and have children, and they acquire assets like a house. These things tend to be associated with voting more conservatively, for the party less likely to tax their assets heavily (for example). You may have heard the phrase: “If you are young and don’t vote Democratic, you don’t have a heart. If you are old and don’t vote Republican, you don’t have a brain.” Maybe that gets at something real?

  3. Matthew Wolf

    Hey Tony,

    Nice Suit!


  4. Tony Robinson

    Enough on the suit, guys. I had to look halfway respectable for the website, no?

  5. Karen McGuire

    I was wondering if your brothers name is Marcus? and did you ever have a cat named meat head? Marcus is an old friend from school could you please give him my Email address Tell him Karen From Donya ,Mary and Karen Said hi:)Blast from the past if Im correct;) If I am not I apoligize in advance…Thank you!

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