More Prop 8… in theatrical form!

by Shawn Scanlon

Prop 8 continues to be a hot issue, well after the election, with a recent poll showing that religion and class played a larger role than race did in how voters decided on Prop 8.  Food for thought, anyway.

Also, I found this to be an entertaining video, and I’m hoping that you do as well!



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5 responses to “More Prop 8… in theatrical form!

  1. Steven Dell

    Yes, I knew it all along! The answer was always there we just weren’t looking at it correctly. Gay marriage will save the economy, so says Doogie Howser.
    I love it, and the shellfish eating Jesus, good stuff!
    Great find whoever you are.

  2. Sarah Popp

    Good video!! I read the article, too. I was surprised that only 16% of those voting for Prop. 8 cited religious reasons, but I guess if just the religious community would have voted for this, it never would have passed. I wouldn’t have expected California to be a state to pass this ban.

  3. Shawn_Scanlon

    It’s important to note that while 16% cited religious reasons, over 60% said that it was because they believed in marriage “between a man and a woman.”

    So while not explicitly religious, I’d argue that the vast majority of those folks were basing things on religious values, just not using the r-word.

    Religious voters + non-college educated voters = winning proposition.

  4. Tony Robinson

    Thanks for the tips and the interesting video. Byline?

  5. Joseph Martinez

    I found it interesting that it was people around most of our ages that defeated Prop 8. It wasn’t Focus on the Family that created the outpouring of decent from their base in California. Instead, young minorities with strong religious affiliations that defeated this measure.
    I just wonder if this was an issue that may galvanize young religious voters away from their “progressive nature” and more in the direction of their religious obligations.

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