Obama Can Keep the 60’s from Coming Back

By Stephen Noriega

I believe that Barack Obama can avert another 60’s. Perhaps this sounds counterintuitive or even pessimistic. It is not meant to be either. The election of Barack Obama brings on another possibility. It is the possibility of breaking unfortunate repetitions of human behavior. Barack Obama may be able to circumvent a simmering resentment of our government that made so much in the 1960’s necessary and so painful to many.

People often look back on the 60’s and early 70’s with a definite degree of romanticism. People with long hair, making love in the forest and singing beautiful music can warm the hearts of aging accountants with revisionist personal histories. The 60’s make people think of the Age of Aquarius, a time when so many things were possible and the only limitations existed in the mind and the quality of the mushrooms. The ‘60’s is thought of as a time of social revolution tied with the embrace of the wretched, two concepts rarely seen together in political history.

hair-theatreaddictcom72007TheatreAddicts.com 7/2007

However, the 60’s also meant the burning of American cities, the murder of ideological activists and the beginning of American adventurism in the form of spreading terror as well as democracy in the world. A few people during this time recorded great accomplishments, often at the cost of their own lives. The 60’s brought into the public consciousness the images of dogs attacking black people, naked girls running from napalm and dead students at formerly quiet universities.


kent-state-1970john-paul-filo1John Paul Filo, 1970

Others simply rode the wave of this time for their own amusement. Tim Leary might have had great progressive ideas, but he really just wanted to get high. Leary became psychologically addicted to LSD and tried to get as many bright minds to follow him into his own Wonderland. I know he talked about things much deeper, but he will never be known for anything more. He went on tour with G. Gordon Liddy twenty years later.

Jerry Rubin ran wild in the 1960’s, generating counter-culture sloganism and culminating his urination on conservative society with activities in the 1968 Democratic National Convention that resulted in the Chicago 8 / Chicago 7 Trial. When the bills didn’t get paid with political petulance, Rubin became a business investor. He went on tour with Abbie Hoffman for a fee in the 1980’s. When Abbie Hoffman died, he and David Dellinger were the only ones out of the Chicago 8 / Chicago 7 at his funeral. Rubin was killed by a car with a significant stock holding in Apple Corporation.

Martin Luther King, Jr. brought the concept of Satyagraha to North America and proved that racial oppression could be fought without a single gun or bomb. He insisted that his protesters dressed formally so they would not look like hippies and thugs. He insisted that people did not fight the authorities even when the authorities injured them. He gained wonderful momentum, bringing the Kennedy family into the fight, Robert much more willingly than John. Even Malcolm X, changed by his hajj to Mecca (yes, that’s right, Mecca in the 60’s was an origin of racial harmony) and influenced by King, Jr., changed his tune to one of more peaceful resolution. The 60’s also brought the assassins that killed Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy. After that, racial progress fell into inconsistency, self-service and sublime discrimination.

The 60’s had the Great Society, a well-intended but mishandled attempt to keep the cities from burning and to bring the poor out of the ashes. Lyndon Johnson tried to keep a war going while redistributing wealth at the same time. Eventually something had to break and the Great Society fell first. Then Vietnam fell into the hands of the communists and the American spirit slowly fell into a “malaise”.


Time Magazine, 2007

These times have many similarities to the negative side of the 60’s, only without a decent drug to escape it all. Instead of pot and LSD to deny our problems, we have crack and meth, drugs that destroy instead of simply cover. We have unpopular military actions, this time in two countries and possibly three. Even as we boast about our progress in Iraq, we see Afghanistan fall into chaos and Iran apparently asking to be attacked by our impatient and reactionary leadership. Immigrants make up a new class of people to be hated and persecuted. Notice how the word for undocumented people went from “immigrant workers” to “illegal immigrants” to the objects, “illegals”. Minorities and young Americans openly question the veracity of governing institutions, although their numbers in protest are miniscule compared with yesteryear.

convention2bthecloudcrimethinccom2008Crimethinc.com, 2008

Barack Obama does not represent merely a revolt from the diseased status quo, in spite of what Rush Limbaugh might say. Barack Obama is part of both the old guard and needed revolution. Obama is an Ivy League educated, well-connected part of the political culture. He is also an African American with ideas of community organization, social justice and strong international negotiation. Barack Obama is quite capable of shifting paradigms from existing paradigms at the same time. Obama can push for economic justice while railing against deadbeat fathers that won’t pay for their children. Barack Obama can speak of talking with our enemies while promising to throw bombs into Pakistan if it means killing Osama bin Laden.

obamahopeprogressneublack022008Neublack.com, 2008

Barack Obama has many problems to face but much credit to take if things even go from terrible to bad. He can refresh our view of government while not feeling stripped of its protective duties. Barack Obama can encourage us to think beyond our present position while remaining responsible to ourselves and society. The time of the Great Society brought just as much violence and self service as historical progress. Barack Obama can usher some more, much needed, change while keeping us on task socially, personally and morally.


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3 responses to “Obama Can Keep the 60’s from Coming Back

  1. Esther Noriega

    Yes, I believe what was said in the blog. I just talked to my brother and sister in Florida and I said that I was so hopeful for this coming administration. Bush is pushing to make as many things permanent as he can before 30 days are up, i.e., no abortion. Don’t know if he needs Congress to agree with him. I dearly hope that everything said in the blog comes true. I do think that hope carries momemtum. Yes, there is much to be gained by solving some of our horrible problems.

  2. Steven Dell

    I was born in the 70’s and the references to the 60’s are lost on me I suppose. There is a bit of romanticism that is associated with the 60’s I’ll admit I look on the times of yon with admiration and respect. I guess only the revolutionary times, the dancing naked in the mud times are not really my cup of tea.

    What I find interesting is the feeling that I get when I listen to Obama. I am biased yes but it always seems to me that he can get it done. The problems that he has laid before him are profound and he seems to accept the challenge all the more willingly. There are not too many people I think that would even want to attempt the job he is faced with. Again he has me convinced not only does he want to do it but he CAN do it (insert inane yes we can comment).

    Maybe the 60’s had the same feel? Maybe the youth of the time felt this and acted on it? Maybe the leadership is a tool of the people and not the other way around? Or maybe the communists have taken over the country and as sure as there is rain there will be a red army marching down the street wanting to take your hard earned money and pay for coral reef research? You never know I guess but I feel like there is a massive movement one the likes of which the country has not seen since the 60’s. Look at the protests in California and the rest of the country over prop 8. People want something from their leadership and this time maybe they will demand it?

    It could be all for naught though the Christmas season is upon us again and we can’t seem to get enough of the latest TV to watch the super bowl in glorious High Definition. All of it is a distraction. Will Obama avert another 60’s or will the people do it themselves?

    By the way everyone should watch AKA Tommy Chong. It is the story of the Ashcroft investigation and conviction of Chong from Cheech and Chong fame (above video). Very interesting how much power the attorney general has.

  3. Tony Robinson

    Interesting rumination Stephen and also really enjoyed the thoughtful comments. I only want to offer short feedback on one of Noriega’s claims. He says that “social revolution” is rarely connected to “concern for the wretched” in political history. I assume Stephen means by social revolution the drug, sex, music, counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s.

    But I have to disagree that these two things are rarely connected in political history–i actually think that are almost always connected. Serious concern for the wretched entails a serious confrontation with rules and social institutions, and such a confrontation is catalyzed by and in terms catalyzes broader confrontation on cultural and social norms and rules (such as hair length and sexual practices and drug use). Revolutions, economic and cultural, go together as a single explosion of madness, a loss of control by established systems, and a pyschological explosion of counter-cultural energy of all variations. The progressive era had serious workers/economic reforms, and was also peppered with innovations like modern dance/jazz and exploding opium dens. Reds the movie tells the story of the bolshevik revolution being woven together with the poetry and free love of the intellectuals of the day. Drunken poets and free love feminists helped lead the French Revolution. Milan Kundera’s books are filled with the interweaving of sexual/social revolution and political/economic revolution.

    Things explode together, as Yeats tells us in his poem, the Second Coming: Turning and turning in a widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer. Things fall apart. The Center cannot hold.

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