Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?

by Leonid Balaban

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

According to reputable news organizations, Hillary Clinton is under serious considerations by Barack Obama for the position of Secretary of State. In fact, per Huffington Post, “President-elect Barack Obama offered Sen. Hillary Clinton the position of Secretary of State during their meeting Thursday in Chicago, according to two senior Democratic officials. She requested time to consider the offer, the officials said.”

I have to be honest, I just did not see this one coming. Mrs. Clinton does not strike me as a great diplomat. While she visited a lot of countries as a First Lady, and as a Senator from New York, she was not involved in many negotiations. We know that she’s very passionate about health care and at least I assumed that this is what she was going to concentrate on as a legislator. There were also rumors flying around that Obama would appoint her to the Supreme Court, but these have died down. Is President-elect taking a page from Abraham Lincoln and assembling his own Team of Rivals by drafting his biggest opponent to this high government position? We shall see…



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3 responses to “Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?

  1. kelly karpenske

    It seems unlikely to me that he would choose someone with so little foreign policy experience.
    Remember back in the primaries when the controversy arose about her foreign policy experience and her greatest argument was when she “bravely dodged sniper fire.”
    Several other names have been mentioned for the post, including Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.
    I think she’s known worldwide, but that’s really a decision the president-elect will make, and would he really leave it up to cutting out his rivals this way?

  2. Matt Knipple

    I can see the possibility of this happening, but I do not think it actually will. I agree with you Leo, that she does not seem like a great diplomat. I do not recall too many negotiations as you have pointed out. Obama does not seem, to me, to be the guy that will reach out to his major opponent and appoint her to such a high position just to appease some people. There are much better candidates out there, some of which Kelly has touched on, that can be much better for the job.

  3. Tony Robinson

    So now we know, Hillary is indeed the one. Brilliant choice, on many levels. Bringing the “team of rivals” on board is one way it is good politics. But better yet, for American interests, is the way it lends instant stature, respectability and power to Obama in the international world. The Clinton’s are very well known and well respected across the globe, and that includes Hillary. She is a heavyweight internationally, and will bring back memories of the Clinton days when the U.S. was known more for peace and diplomacy than for swagger and unilateralism.

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