Another prediction

On Monday I posted a number of predictions. One of them was Robert F Kennedy Jr. to the post of secretary of the interior. I would like to slightly amend that. I heard some rumors on tuesday night while I was at the sheridan hotel. These have been confirmed. I would like to predict the secretary of the interior position will go to our very own Ken Salazar. The new information I have is closer than third person but I am hesitant to post exactly who I got the information from. An analogy of how I got this new info would be the way that Bernstein confirmed one of the people involved in watergate, hang up if I am wrong. Now that is not exactly how it happened but it was done in a sort of similar way. The second part to this, is that when Salazar is named, Andrew Romanoff will be named by Ritter to fill the senate vacancy. Now I won’t claim either of these as fact but I will take any and all bets that if Salazar is named, Romanoff WILL be the replacement.

Sorry for the lack of links but this is still pretty far off the radar. Remember You heard it here first. (and if you didn’t hear it here first, who else is talking about this because I can find no info about this online)



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4 responses to “Another prediction

  1. Lance Thibert

    That would be really, really cool. I like both Romanoff and Salazar, and having both elevated in position would be a boon to our state.

  2. Tony Robinson

    Wow, fantastic insight and a big scoop for our elections class. thanks for sharing this. Salazar would be a great choice for Sec for Interior for so many reasons. He’s a Westerner, where Dems are growing and where so much of the important work of Interior is focused–and this helps to solidify Dems growing hold on Colorado. He’s a Latino, which is key growing demographic for the Dems. He’s popular and smart on Western issues, etc.

  3. balaban13

    I hate to be a party pooper on this, but I’m not so sure that in the long term, picking Salazar is a good idea. He currently enjoys a pretty good support throughout the state, including rural areas where Democrats have trouble winning (not including 08 election). Romanoff might be a popular political figure in the Denver Metro, but I just don’t see him as a candidate who would enjoy state wide support. Let’s remember that Salazar is up for reelection in 2010 and if Romanoff is the pick to replace him, you’d bet that Republicans would target this race with all they got.

  4. Tony Robinson

    Leo’s right about Romanoff being a lousy choice to replace Salazar, should Salazar be elevated. Salazar is a good choice for Interior, but Romanoff is a not a state-wide type of Dem who can win a Senate seat. I think Romanoff is more likely to replace Coffman as CO Secretary of State, when the Governor appoints that replacement. And who would the leading Dem be for the Senator seat if Salazar moves up? If not Romanoff, who? I’m not sure I have a good answer, but I’m betting some of you do…

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