Post-Election Comments

by Alicia Long

I thought it might be interesting to read some of the comments and reactions of people to the Obama victory.  These are not pundits… just regular people leaving comments on news stories.  Here’s what some of them had to say.  Please enjoy my little anecdotal experiment:


“As a representative of many of the demographics …. 70 year old grandmother … white … Jewish … very educated . … retired … married …. independant …. everyone one of those characteristics screamed at me that we needed REAL CHANGE that only the youth and forward thinking of Barack Obama could bring. All Americans, from every demographic, must give this man the chance to unite this great nation and earn, once again, the respect of the world.”

“I hope all of the Bolshevics at your communist news network are gloating.
How does it feel to destroy a nation?
Don’t even think your wealth will insulate you from the comming holocaust. I can fully identify how the Jewish people of Europe must have felt when Hitler & the Nazis came to power, or mabe more accurately , how many Russians must have felt when their nation was taken over by the bolshevics. Flags should be flown at half mast to mourn the death of America. All the men and women who have given their lives in defense of this nation and our way of life, have died in vain.
Our nation , as predicted by many, was taken over from within.
Our enemies have defeated us without firing a shot.
We have been decieved by the biggest most total propaganda blitz in the history of this earth. Thanks CNN for doing your part.
I’ll see you all in hell.”

“John McCain gave his greatest speech ever last night. Congrats to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Let’s keep our expectations real folks. There is a lot of “stuff” for them to clean up. Best wishes on a successful Presidency and Vice Presidency.”


“McCain was a CLASS ACT last night. His speech was spot on. We’ve got to come together. And like Obama said to those whom he has yet to gain their support he is YOUR President too and he will listen to your voice. OBAMA/Biden its offical!!!”

“Anyone know how much it costs to move to Australia? I don’t think I want to allow my family to be led by a man that associates with known terrorists!!!!”

“The RNC “holier than thou” rhetoric has been rejected. Signed, America”

“This is really the media’s fault, they didn’t cover the suspicious, shady side of Obama, they completely ignored it and fed the American People false hope. It is sad that so many uneducated people fell for it and Obama was elected. Sad day for America, say goodbye to the land of opportunity, as Obama will rob our children of their dreams.”


“100 years from now you will be able to go to Washington D.C. and see the memorials of Lincoln, Washington, and Obama. He will be that great.”

“Eight years ago, Republicans told me that it was my duty as an American citizen to support the President-elect, in spite of the fact that I did not vote for him and in spite of the fact that I felt he was the worst thing to happen to the office of President. “Get over it,” they said. “He’s the President.” Four years ago, they told me the same thing. Now it’s time to practice what you preach, folks.”

‘Yea, Get down to business alright. Make sure that you drive the stake right through the heart of America as you have planned to do so for quite some time. Now is your chance so don’t miss.”

This was really interesting to read the comments from the different new networks.  Fox had, by far, the most anti-Obama comments… including some really nasty ones accusing him of being a terrorist.  CNN had a mix of thoughtful comments from both sides.  ABC, however, definitely had the longest comments that people left, and it became really hard to find comments that were anti-Obama.


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4 responses to “Post-Election Comments

  1. Tony Robinson

    Thanks Alicia; it’s very interesting to get this “person-in-the-street” feedback. I am confident that many of these same negative things were said about Bush when he won–so its a normal fixture of American political life–but it always seems so shocking when the candidate you support is seen as an enemy to America, ready to drive a stake through the heart, a nazi, etc. It causes one to wonder exactly Who ARE these people who so detest a fairly moderate, fellow American, bright person like Obama? It’s always shocking to learn, as the Onion reported, that 60 million people hate my ideas the people I support–just as it must have felt the same for the Bush supporters over the last 8 years.

    Back in the day, when Andrew Jackson was elected, the national vitriol was astonishing. Much of the political establishment actually fell politically ill for the entire winter and swore they were going to die altogether.

    Still, that one quote about how the person now knows how the Jews felt when the Nazis took over…can you get any more absurd than that? Stunning in its absolute ignorance and even immorality.

  2. ilasiea

    Wow, I don’t even know where to begin! The first two comments from CNN really struck me. It’s so interesting that we have someone comparing this the the Nazis, and saying he understands how the Jewish people felt. But then, the first comment is a Jewish woman, who feels nothing of the sort! It’s absolutely ridiculous how people are so negative in this day and age. I think the 2nd ABC comment is perfect for all those who are against Obama. Those who were against Bush still had to suck it up and deal with the fact that he was our President; and he was actually a bad President. Now people need to deal with the fact that Obama is going to be President-and he hasn’t done anything wrong yet. Whether you give him a chance or not, people against him need to either get over it, or go ahead and move. Either way, Obama’s President.

  3. Steven Dell

    I was listening to Mike Rosen on 850 the other day and a caller had called in to say that Obama was never going to be his President. He went on to say that he was a devout constitutionalist. He said that he had served in the military and after leaving the armed forces he took an oath, which he did not take lightly, to serve the President of the United States of America until the day that he died. Now I’m pretty sure he took an oath saying as much when he joined too but that is neither here nor there.
    Mike Rosen (surprisingly) went on to explain to the man that Obama was democratically elected and like him or not he will be, constitutionally, his president. He explained to the caller that he should accept that fact. Rosen said that all of the Bush haters (not patiently) waited for his term to be over and did what was necessary to get their man in the office.
    This man is perfectly within his right to not like the new president elect, and it his duty if he does not like him to speak out and try to convince others to his opinion, but until then he is his president.
    It is very refreshing to hear this kind of critique from one of the established right radio shock jocks. The comments in this post are some of the same kind of things I have been hearing from people who are devout conservatives. They could also be turned around and sound very similar to the comments that have been made about W, as Tony has mentioned.
    My personal perspective is that the ones that are so fired up emotionally to comment on CNN are probably going to be the fringes of society. The middle will not want go out of their way to post about how indifferent they are about the situation.

  4. Matt Knipple

    This really does not surprise me that Fox had the most anti-Obama comments compared to the rest of the news channels. I do not expect this to be different than any other election either. When Bush won, I’m sure the local channels had many people fuming over it. I personally knew plenty of people claim they were going to move to Canada after Bush won a second term (none of which actually moved). I believe it’s just people being sore losers and overreacting about the entire thing. I voted for McCain but do not plan on moving because Obama won and have never thought about it one second.

    There are very ignorant people in both parties that take things way out of proportion. It’s sad there are people in this world and nation like that, but there are. It’s easier just to ignore the ignorance and let them be angry. I just turn the other way when I hear people talk like that.

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