just a question…

Obama’s grandmother died the day before Election Day, yet her vote will be counted. Is this legal?

Ms. Dunham’s absentee mail ballot was received and reviewed under the Hawaii standards for processing absentee mail ballots… She was alive at that time. Her ballot will be opened on Election Day, and it will be counted in the same way that all absentee voters would be treated under our law.

Early voting in Maryland is illegal because the constitution allows only one day of voting, an Anne Arundel County Circuit Court judge ruled Friday.

Judge Ronald Silkworth sided with voters who sued over the plan to allow people to cast ballots five days before the primary and general elections, starting this year.

Silkworth ruled early voting would be illegal because the constitution allows voting only on a single day in November, not for several days.


-Kelly Karpenske



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2 responses to “just a question…

  1. snickerbites

    First off, I’d just like to point out that I feel extremely sad that she passed away only ONE DAY BEFORE she could have witnessed her grandson be elected our 44th president, but I’m pretty sure that her vote still counts. Although it may be illegal to do early voting in places like Maryland, in Hawaii they have different rules. As long as they receive her absentee ballot in the allowed time frame, her vote should still be counted even if she passed away before election day. Plus, I mean come on, Obama would have won without her vote anyways. (sorry to all you republicans out there)

  2. Tony Robinson

    Very interesting question Kelly. I’m quite certain that her vote will still count as long as it was cast before she died (unlike the Chicago style system of the dead voting). There are a variety of things that one could do after voting early that could make a vote theoretical invalid on election day. One could move out of state or to a different county, One could become convicted of a felony, one could die. In none of these cases is the early vote discounted, I’m pretty sure. In some cases (early voting on a machine) the vote couldn’t even be discovered if people did want to discount it, since one’s vote is not linked to ones name in the same way it is when an absentee ballot comes in. But very interesting conjectures.

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