Did they call you too?

By Ilasiea L. Gray

So I thought about all the things I wanted to write about for this blog.  Topics like he Colorado Amendments, Senate races, pre-election day coverage, and all kinds of other things filled my head.  Then three phone calls changed my mind.  I remember in class we discussed how in the past there were and possibly still are a lot of voters who are not knowledgeable of polling places and if so may not have transportation, etc.

Yesterday, I got a call from an Obama advocate (as I’m sure other people have), and the man on the phone asked me if; 1) I was voting, 2) for Barack Obama, and, 3) if I knew where my polling place was.  I was skeptical of the man at first especially because he called me from a random number.  After I told him yes to all of the above, he actually told me where my polling place was just in case.  After he told me the place for confirmation, I softened my tone on the phone.  I thought it was so cool that people actually call and encourage you to get out and vote.  I was actually almost amazed for the simple fact that in class we discussed that people in the past weren’t knowledgeable of certain things like when and where to vote.

This year they are really taking initiative.  I got a second call last night, but this time instead I received a voice mail.  This time it was an older man named Walter Wright, and he was “calling on behalf of the Barack  Obama Campaign for Change.”  He sounded confused but very sincere.  He was urging me to vote and hoping that I was going to vote for Obama.  The same smile came across my face as it did when I received the first call.  Thinking the message was over, another thing happened.  At the very end of the message, the person gave a number to call if I needed a ride to my polling place.  I was even more amazed!  That was one point that was brought up when members of the class argued the voter I.D. law case; that some voters don’t even have transportation to their polling places.

Now this is my first time voting in an election and I’m not sure if they always call people and/or always offer rides to polling places, but  I know that made me proud of what this country can do.  That there are people out there not only advocating voting, but also the those who are willing to help those in need with transportation.   In addition to those two calls, I got a message this morning from Senator Barack Obama himself.  Of course it was automated but it was very personable:

Hi, this is Barack Obama.  Tomorrow is the most important election day of our lifetimes, and I’m calling to ask for your support.  We built a nationwide grassroots organization of Americans who are ready for change. As President, I’ll cut taxes for the middle class, create good jobs, lower health care cost, and bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end.  But I can’t do it by myself.  This race will be close.  And that’s why I need your vote tomorrow.  Thanks so much.   Bye bye.

Immediately after Obama was done speaking, a voice came on telling me my poll location.  Once again I was amazed especially that hey, I’m one of the many people that got a voice mail from Barack Obama!  Win or lose, that is something I will never forget.  I can’t wait for tomorrow!  GO VOTE =)


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4 responses to “Did they call you too?

  1. snickerbites

    So the simple question is this, when was the last time ‘your’ president left you a voice message on your phone?

    I for one did not receive a phone call like this but almost all of my friends did. It just goes to show how active the Obama campaign really worked to get people to vote. Did McCain ever try to call you to get you to vote? I didn’t think so. The fact that Obama’s campaign went completely out of their way to reach voters and even offered to give these strangers a ride to their polling place really shows how much he cares and how much he understands that its the little things that end up keeping America from voting. Things like not knowing when to vote, where to vote, or how to get there. I noticed in his speech last night that he gave a sincere acknowledgment to his campaign manager, who in all respects rightfully deserved it. I’m really glad that Obama won the race hands down, it demonstrates how America needs someone like him to deliver change and are willing to give him all the support he needs to make it come true.

  2. Tony Robinson

    Wow. For some reason you were targeted by the Obama people Ilasia! Your age and the fact that it was your first time voting probably played a role. Your demographic is big for Obama, but also has a tendency not to vote. So Obama was just making sure. Obama has a reputation of running one of the most organized campaigns ever and you just saw a piece of it. Phone calls like this are pretty standard in elections, so get used to it! Thanks for sharing this insight on a well-organized campaign with an amazing ground game.

  3. Shawn_Scanlon

    I spent a lot of time canvassing and phone banking this time around. Normally, I work as an organizer, which is a bit different… speaking mainly to activists. I gotta tell ya, I wish voters were a bit more like you. 😉

    When I canvassed folks with early voting and election day information, as well as info on acceptable forms of ID, many of them were downright rude, telling me to stop soliciting and pushing my opinions on them… Now, to be certain, the majority were polite. But I think that we could do with a bit more civility toward those who are volunteering their time for something so important.

    So next election, if somebody knocks on your door offer them a glass of water. (yes, even those from the GOP) It gets tiring out there sometimes, and even if you disagree with them, try to respect their enthusiasm.

  4. Steven Dell

    I had gone on to Obama’s website early on and there was a flash animation tool. How it worked was you sent a text message to some number with your zip code and on a map of the US a bubble pops up saying some one in area code 80203 supports change in 2008. I was slightly intrigued so I did it and sure enough my zip showed up on a bubble on the map, pretty cool I thought.

    The next 3 months at any given deadline I got a text message from Barack, sure to identify me as friend, and that I need to do whatever it takes to get my man elected. let me tell you apparently there are A LOT of deadlines in an election. get money in now to get your limited edition pin or shirt or bumper sticker or flame resistant oven mitt.

    A bit annoying I will say but my point is how many of these text messages, not emails, did the McCain campaign send out. This was a truly well run campaign for Obama and a well fought victory for him.

    When the Republicans look in to what it is that they need to do to gain ground again these are the kind of things that will definitely be on the top of the list. Just like the Dems looked at the Karl Rove machine from 2004.

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