A Run Down of the “Other” Choices…Why Not?

By: Heather Ellerbrock

With the country glued to the TV, internet, or a newspaper of any kind in search of any election news, most following the election would consider their knowledge of what’s going on top-rated. Almost all however would be surprised to find that they have not two or even three but thirteen choices for the president of the United States of America (although not all choices appear on each state ballot). In September of this year, Ralph Nader stated, “The broadcasts of the presudential debates this year will reach 60 million or more Americans…but viewers will see only two choices: a Democrat and a Republican. The rest of us are not invited.”

So, just in case you never knew, here is a rundown of some of the other nominees, your other “choices” for president:

Baldwin/CastleConstitution Party

Chuck Baldwin, a Baptist Pastor from Florida and his running mate Darrell Castle, an activist attorney from Tennessee, stand for one thing above anything else: America. This is not to say the other candidates don’t but Baldwin/Castle take it one step further: “No foreign government…not even an ally…is allowed any portion of US…buildings…resources…stocks, bonds…businesses…regardless of how much the foreign governments donate…to the US treasury.” In addition to this, they support defining every unborn child as a person under the Constitution entitling them to equal protection of the law, “therefore, no unborn child could be killed without due process of the law.”

Barr/RootLibertarian Party

Bob Barr, a former House Representative who renounced the Republican Party, and his running mate Wayne Root, who acts as anything under the sun including a professional sports handicapper, believe in an “unannounced timetable” for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, domestic drilling for energy including ANWR, reversal of the Patriot Act so American’s may have their privacy back (no 1984), and tax reform to reduce taxes for all.  “John McCain is on his farewell tour across America [and] the wheels on the Straight Talk Express have come off…[Republican-leaning voters] can feel comfortable knowing that their vote for Bob Barr will be a vote for smaller government, less spending and lower taxes.”

McKinney/ClementeGreen Party

Cynthia McKinney, a former House Representative, and her running mate Rosa Clemente, a United States community organizer stand for abolition of the death penalty, respect for diversity, decentralization of wealth and power, community-based economic systems and their campaign has been endorsed by Noam Chomsky. Concerning the Bush Administration, McKinney had this to say: “With respect to impeachment, how can Nancy Pelosi take impeachment off the table…people around the world watched as the Republican Party established a new standard for impeachment. All you got to do is have a little affair on your wife…lie about it to the people…That is the standard that has been set for impeachment…so instead of us getting accountable government…we’ve got complicity.”

Nader/Gonzalez – Independent candidate

Ralph Nader, an attorney and author and his running mate Matt Gonzalez, a former Green Party candidate and lawyer, are no strangers to politics. Nader, who in the past ran as a Green party candidate is running this year as an independent candidate and, depending on where you live, for about 5 other parties. In addition to standing for affirmative action, cracking down on corporate crime and access to full Medicare for all, the Nader/Gonzalez campaign, if elected, would call for full electoral reform. They state, “Our democracy is in a descending crisis. Voter turnout is among the lowest in the western world, and America ranks in the bottom three of countries that hold free elections…major changes are needed to ensure that every vote counts, that all voters are represented through electoral reforms…and that non-major party candidates have a chance to run for office and participate in debates.”

Moore/AlexanderSocialist Party

Brian Moore, a democratic socialist from Florida and his running mate Stewart Alexander, a former Air Force Reserve and fellow democratic socialist, believe that, “socialism and democracy are one and indivisable. The working class is in a key and central position to fight back against the ruling capitalist class and its power.” On the off chance of winning the presidency, Moore announced he would appoint Howard Zinn as Secretary of Labor, Jeremiah Wright as UN Ambassador, create a Department of Peace and abolish Homeland Security, to name a few.

The following is a list of the remainder of the candidates and links to their websites since describing them all would take up our entire class page. Happy Election Tuesday and Go Obama!!

Amondson/PlettenProhibition Party

Calero/Kennedy – Socialist Workers

Jay/KnappBoston Tea

Keyes/RohrboughAmerica’s Independent

La Riva/PuryearSocialism & Liberation

Stevens/Link – Objectivst


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2 responses to “A Run Down of the “Other” Choices…Why Not?

  1. Tony Robinson

    Excellent Heather. I love the Socialists Cabinet picks. Howard Zinn for Sec of Labor? okay, I could go for that. Jeremiah Wright for UN Ambassador? Hmmm, that may be a bit out there and might just cost the socialist his chance at the White House.

    And what is up with the Objectivist party? Can’t they do a bit better with marketing themselves? “Objectivist”??? I don’t think that will fly in Peoria, and I doubt Joe the Plumber will be down with those folk.

    I’m a bit puzzled at what drives people to run on these hopeless tickets and to really take it seriously. It seems like a bit of Don Quixote insanity, mixed with a bit of narcissism, to spend the effort necessary to get oneself on the ballot, put up a website, etc., and all in order to get less than half of a percent of the vote. It just seems to me to be a bit of misdirected energy

  2. Matt Knipple

    I’m really torn on having all of these parties on the ballot. I believe that anybody has a chance and this is what democracy is all about, but I also believe that it will ALWAYS come down to a Democrat and a Republican and these people just, in the end, kind of screw up the process. Yes, people should be able to vote for whom they want to vote for whether that be Democrat, Republican, or Socialist, etc., but I think it is a wasted vote. I don’t know, I think I’m contradicting myself but I really don’t know how I feel about it. I think people should vote Democrat or Republican because those are who will win, but I also believe they should vote for whom they want, wow this was a dumb response.

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