More Predictions

By Nathan Pitman

To add on to the predictions we are making for class I offer up these predictions. They are based mostly on my own observations however they have been aided considerably by newspaper reports and a number of friends I have who work in D.C. and “claim” to have some super secret info.

Obviously the following are based on an Obama win on Tuesday. Look to see one of two people named as chief of staff within the next two to three weeks. The next nominee will likely be a treasury secretary.

Chief of staff: Rahm Emanuel or Tom Daschle

Secretary of State: Bill Richardson

Attorney general: Tim Kaine

Defense secretary : Chuck Hagel

Treasury secretary: Warren Buffett

(other possibilities for sec treas:)

Homeland Security secretary: Gary Hart ( I go with Gary Hart here because he is from Colorado and I have heard him speak about the related issues many times however, Susan Collins may have a shot)

Commerce secretary: Olympia Snowe

Secretary of Energy: Jeff Bingaman

Secretary of Labor: Richard Gephardt

Secretary of the Interior: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Jesse Jackson Jr.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Max Cleland

Secretary of Transportation: Ed Rendell

Secretary of Agriculture: Tom Vilsack

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Howard Dean

Education secretary: David Boren

Senior adviser: David Axelrod

National security adviser: Anthony Zinni


(the possibility exists that Samantha Power will also be involved in a high level possibly as Director of State Department policy planning).

White House economic adviser: Jason Furman (Warren Buffett could be named if he is not named as treasury secretary)

V.P. chief of staff : Tony Blinken

Press secretary: Bill Burton

1st Supreme Court nominee: Elena Kagan (She is the current dean of Harvard Law School. I would go so far as to guarantee it is a woman).

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations: Caroline Kennedy

Environmental Protection Agency administrator: Lincoln Chafee

CIA director: Tim Roemer

Director of National Intelligence: Jane Harman


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7 responses to “More Predictions

  1. Brian Bohnert

    This list is exactly why I supported Obama from the start. Instead of people in charge of the agencies that are supposed to regulate (EPA, Energy, HUD, etc) actively working against the purpose of the agency, we have people in place that believe that govenrment might actually be able to make a positive difference. For example, Kennedy (an environmentalist) in charge of the interior, as opposed to someone from the oil industry or someone who will enforce the law not be a partisan hack like Ashcroft or Alberto. Plus, real bi-partisanship (as evidenced by Hagel and Snowe) not Orwellian rhetoric will be the norm not the exception….or maybe thats all idealistic BS and it will be the same after 2 years, but it looks like a good start!

  2. Lance Thibert

    Excellent list, though I believe that Hagel is too conservative for an Obama administration, besides the war, he’s a straight up conservative.

    Jackson Jr. will, in all likelyhood, take Obama’s senate seat rather than HUD sec, I would.
    EPA might go to Gore.

    Other than that, I think your predictions have a good chance of panning out.

  3. Stephen Noriega

    Picking off Republican members of the Senate won’t fly with the Democrats being so close to 60. This is an ambitious list and it will have me thinking for awhile. I don’t know if Buffet wants to be part of government. He is pretty comfortable at what he currently does. Richardson is a lock as long as there is someone capable in the wings in New Mexico. I watched the Fix News Clip. Why didn’t she name the study that found Obama received more friendly coverage? Was it the Brit Hume Study? Hopefully I missed that because its shoddy journalism not to name your academic sources.

  4. npitman

    Stephan You re right and I have to admit that I did nor notice that. If you see anything more would you let me know? As far as picking off republican members of the senate. That is exactly why some of these people will be asked. Many of these states have democratic governors. If even a couple take the position… That might assure 60 for the dems. Sort of devious, and I am sure that the GOP will understand the consequences however, it will also be very hard for people like Collins, Snow, or Hagel to say no

  5. Tony Robinson

    Excellent Post Nathan. Lots to chew on here, and we’ll have to spend some time in class on it, as things unfold and maybe we learn a bit more in the weeks between election and end of class.

    I think Warren Buffet is a lock to be asked to serve in a high role as economic advisor/treasury secretary. Obama has said as much himself several times. I also believe he will accept, not because he needs it (he’s doing just fine now, as some commentary notes above), but because its a great adventure and he will want to be part of the unfolding political history to complete his portfolio as man of the century.

    Another lock for some kind of key role: Howard Dean, and HHS might the ticket for the Dr., as you say. Dean’s 50 state strategy of four years ago laid the foundation for the Obama victory (competing with McCain in Montana and SD? WTF?), and he has proven himself a big thinker and astute strategist, yee-hah shout or not.

    I’m not so confident the next SC pick will be a woman. Of course the candidate will be eminently qualified, but beyond that, I think Obama is as likely to consider a non-white (a Latino? Another black justice? An Asian?) as a woman. But I do think a “diversity” pick is likely.

    And who is notable for their absence on this list? Hillary. Will Barack nominate her for HHS or Supreme Court? I think she would be a fantastic SC pick, to serious battle with Antonin Scalia. She’s got the chops for it, no doubt–but does Obama have the chutzpah? What theatre, and what a gift to the ages to watch those two go at it for a decade or two….does he have the creative vision to do it?

    Oh, and Gore won’t be serving in any way. I have heard him a few times recently spell himself out saying he’s “been there, done that” under Clinton and that he doesn’t have a desire to go back in as some kind of underling (not his words–but you get the point). He says he likes the freelance work, schmoozing with the grass roots and showing his Unconventional truth powerpoint. I think he means it.

  6. npitman

    Thanks for the response professor Robinson. I agree completely about Gore. not only for the reasons posted above but also because the pick would A) be extremely polarizing even with a 60 person majority (which is unlikely); B) Picking Gore would make him to controversial a figure to head Obama’s Global climate change ideas which I think Gore would hold out for in any case. Another great person to bridge the various sides of the democratic party a little bit would be Nader in the EPA. It is unlikely he would accept but it would be a great publicity stunt.

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