Voting fraud?? – you betcha…

By Leonid Balaban

Here’s an example of real voting fraud, not the one drummed up by the Republican party and the GOP presidential ticket.

Courtesy of Huffington Post and Video the Vote, we’re presented with a clip of what appears to be a technician trying to illustrate vote flipping on one of the electronic voting machines in West Virginia.


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2 responses to “Voting fraud?? – you betcha…

  1. Stephen Noriega

    I saw this play out in West Virginia. I would like to know how often the vote is flipped from Republican to Democrat.

  2. Tony Robinson

    Back in the day, we actually voted on paper ballots and it seemed somehow they were able to be counted-I know there was fraud in the count, and ballot stuffing–but at least there was a hard paper trail that could be used to help hold people accountable to actual reality in terms of how people voted. These machines, with all their ghost-like array of mysterious electrical charges–the innards of the black box–that we must consult for determining the vote seem so much susceptible to vote fraud, stealing elections, flipping votes, etc., without enough of a way to track fraud, order recounts, etc.

    I’m in favor of paper ballots, counted in public with poll watchers and the media allowed in if they wish to observe. It will take more time for the results to roll in in such a situation–but that’s okay. It just means we have a longer election viewing party. What are we in such a hurry for anyway? Inauguration isn’t until two months or so after the election.

    Let’s count it up on paper and flush the black boxes.

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