Vote for Markey!

My best friend rear ended Betsey Markey a few days ago. She didn’t call her insurance company and bought him coffee. So vote for her and your car insurance won’t go up!



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3 responses to “Vote for Markey!

  1. Tony Robinson

    Hmmm…interesting. Whose post is this? I wonder if this speaks to the deep love of humanity in the heart of Markey–or if it is more indicative of the other-worldly vote-scrounging personality that must be nurtured by someone in a tight race? Meaning, I wonder if Markey was calculating that her good spirit during this event was more likely to spread good rumors about her and win votes, as opposed to Markey just being naturally good-spirited about these kinds of incidents. Being a candidate once myself, I can attest that a close election has a way of bringing out the “better angels” of one’s personality, and I expect that your friend can chalk up her good fortune to the clarifying effects of a democracy during a tight election.

  2. caitlinmock

    This is mine (Caitlin’s…I guess I’m really bad about posting bylines) I put this up as more of a random quip not necessarily meaning to spark any sort of actual debate. However, since we debate about everything I would suggest that her kind heartedness to my young friend is politically motivated. There was no damage to her car but I think most people would at least call their insurance company. I bet she wanted him to speak kindly of her and figured there was nothing to lose by promising not to call her insurance company. He has a ton of political stickers on her car so she probably thought if she was nice to him it could help her. The funny thing was he didn’t even recognize her. She said her name was Betsey and he said “Oh like Betsey Markey” as a sort of joke and she said “I am Betsey Markey” and that sort of dialogue went back and forth for a few minutes before he realized she really was… Anyway, just kind of an interesting occurance.

  3. snickerbites

    I agree that this “kind act” was politically motivated, especially with her position in the race. So many people have negative views about both her and Musgrave that one small good act might help just a little bit, I’m sure she’s desparate at this point. With all of the negative ads running all the time on local television about both her and her opponent, i’ts hard to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying. Infact, there’s a lot of legal battles going on right now about them lying in thier ads and has basically came to the point where they need a judge to solve their cat fight…its actually pretty funny!

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