Wassup 2008

By Leonid Balaban

Remember those Budweiser Wassup ads from 8 years ago? Well, it turns out that the main actors in that commercial decided to have a reunion of sorts and produce a political ad with some humor added to it.

Courtesy of DailyKos



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3 responses to “Wassup 2008

  1. Shawn_Scanlon

    Good catch, Leo. I saw this on the HuffPo.

    A lot of us have had that down in the dumps feeling for a while, and it almost brought a tear to my eye:

    So what’s up, B? “Change.”

  2. Stephen Noriega

    Good one. I wonder who the Budweiser frogs are endorsing this year?

  3. Tony Robinson

    That’s brilliant. Thanks so much for catching this video, Leo.

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