Joe the plumber

By Leonid Balaban

I think that we’re going to hear a new line in schools after this debate. “Joe, who do you want to be when you grow up? A Joe plumber!!!”

This is from DailyKos:

Michael Grunwald: I’ll tell you one thing: joe the plumber is laying some pipe tonight. Tonight is definitely going to be sacred for mrs. Wurtzelfarfegnugen.

Update 10/16/2008 11.45am

Well, Well, Well

It looks like Joe the Plumber doesn’t like paying his taxes literally.

[T]here is some dispute as to whether or not Wurzelbacher was being accurate with his critique of Obama. His business, as ABC reports, would almost certainly get a tax cut under Obama’s plan, given that he does not expect to make anywhere close to $250,000 in profits.

Moreover, for someone worried about his taxes, Wurzelbacher doesn’t — it appears – always pay them. A filing with the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas shows that he has had state tax liens filed against him, meaning he was either delinquent or didn’t fully cover taxes that he owed.

A representative at the court explained that Wurzelbacher had not paid $1,182.98 of personal income tax. The state filed a lien on January 26, 2007, and the payment remains outstanding. But the court rep also cautioned that this all may have occurred without Wurzelbacher’s knowledge.

Update #2 10/16/2008 12.30pm

This story is getting better and better by minute.

From Politico:

Purging Joe the plumber?

Would Joe be thrown off the rolls if he registered in Ohio today?

The Toledo Blade reported today that “Joe the Plumber’s” name appears on Ohio voter registration rolls with a slight misspelling — as Worzelbacher, not Wurzelbacher.

And that sort of data-entry error might be enough — were Joe a new registrant — to have him disqualified from voting in Ohio, Florida, or Wisconsin this year, depending on the outcome of ongoing litigation.



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10 responses to “Joe the plumber

  1. I just hope we never see Joe the Plumber’s buttcrack

  2. Tony Robinson

    Hilarious, Leo. A sacred night for Mrs. Plumber, indeed. The official count (or semi-official) is is: CNN says McCain mentioned Joe the Plumber 22 times, Obama 5 times.

    Didn’t Warhol say that we’d all be famous for 15 minutes? Joe got his. Now where’s mine?

  3. Alicia Long

    Leo… the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters has already endorsed Obama. Maybe someone should email our friend Joe and tell him 😉

  4. Tony Robinson

    Joe the Plumber can’t vote due to our zealous name checking and number matching of the voter rolls (if he were a new voter anyway)???!!! That’s just too poetic and perfect. You can’t make this stuff up.

  5. Alicia Long

    Apparently Joe lost his job and is having financial troubles since McCain made him an insta-celebrity…. ouch….

  6. Matthew Wolf

    I read in the WSJ Friday, October 17, that the firm Joe the Plumber was talking about purchasing has two plumbers, Joe, and the owner. The company reported gross revenues of $100,000 last year and the WSJ estimates that if the two plumbers made the average plumber salary, there would be about $6,000 in profits; a far cry from Obama’s tax increase brackets.

    Apparently Joe, who has held press conferences in his front yard, is no longer giving interviews.

  7. Stephen Noriega

    To Dr. Robinson: Every time you talk on KGNU, you lose 1.2 seconds of fame. Fortunately, you are set to break the Warhol curve!

    I feel sorry for Joe the Plumber. He was just trying to challenge a candidate on his positions. I wouldn’t want the media to start looking up all my financial blunders, movie rentals and employee reprimands just because I asked someone some questions. I always tell people that I make more money than I really do. I always tell people that I’m a writer instead of a semi-paid researcher, media utility contributor and political science student.

    Let’s feel sorry for Joe the Plumber. He is discovering what comes with fame. He now knows what it is like to be the buzzword for drinking games across America.

  8. Lance Thibert

    Joe the Plumber is now mulling a run for the house in 2010.

    That was quick.

  9. balaban13

    Joe the Plumber is getting a recording contract!!!

    Now, who can honestly say that this is not a land of opportunity? Even a plumber can become a singer…

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