The Not so Maverick McCain is behind….. Keith Valentine

      After all this talk of being a Maverick, I think my official count of hearing the word Maverick is up to ten thousand and one.  One of the original Mavericks tend to disagree with McCain’s self-proclaimed maverickism.  The fact of the matter is, in literal sense McCain is no maverick.  Some on who consistently votes along party lines as he has cannot be considered such.  As the article states, the word Maverick came to be during the 1800’s when Sam Maverick did not brand his cattle, in turn, unbranded cattle were called mavericks.  The maverick name continued with Maury Jr. who was a civil libertarian and lawyer who defended people in the court of law that many people would not because it would not advance their agenda;  people who resisted he draft during that era are many of the people that Jr. represented therefore earning the Maverick name…. McCain has not. I will let dead dog lye now….. Moving on to more important issues, McCain’s campaign is in TROUBLE. Being behind as of right now, in BOTH battle ground states of MO and NC, and recently giving up on another, some DEM strategists are now predicting landslide. The fact of the matter is that McCain is losing precious ground in make or break states, even with his recent endorsement from the NRA after it looked like there was a possibility that support would go missing, it doesn’t seem as if McCain is going to be able to rally enough supporters to win the election.  His performance in the last debate was disgraceful, his attack Obama rampage doesn’t seem to be very effective and he is left scrambling.  The proof is in the electoral map, McCain is facing such a deficit right now, that this late in the game is going to prove fatal. Obama has it to lose.   



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3 responses to “The Not so Maverick McCain is behind….. Keith Valentine

  1. Lance Thibert

    The NRA endorsement seems rather late to me, why did they wait so long?

    Regardless, a republican president unable to win in North Carolina (deep red state) is a sure sign of not only high democratic turnout, but a lack of support among white republicans for Mccain. I think Mccain has at least a half dozen “must win” states according to, it doesnt look good for him. However, mccain has a history of seemingly coming back from the dead politically, dont count him out.

  2. Tony Robinson

    Keith: I really enjoyed learning the origin of the word “Maverick”–cattle that does not bear someone’s brand. Interesting. And reading about that old lady who is descended from the true was “original Maverick” was enjoyable as well. Thanks for the learnin’, as they say back on the cattle ranch.

    Though I learn from the post, it’s a bit rambly and scattered in the way it’s put together. It reads sort of stream of consciousness, and you just jump from one idea to the next and don’t really weave an overall point through it very well. A better use of paragraph breaks, at least, and even setting quotes from the old maverick lady off in a separate quote block (using the wordpress tool) would make for a more stylish post and one that is easier to read in terms of tracking the breaks between your ideas.

    Thanks for the insight though, I really enjoyed the post.

  3. Stephen Noriega

    I am not sure that any credible Democrat strategist has proclaimed a possible landslide for Obama. There are still definite hurdles there and McCain knows it.

    I did not know that about Maverick – interesting.

    McCain has fit that role in a few major situations. He championed campaign finance reform, something that put him in opposition to many Republicans in the Senate and something that got him in hot water with the Religious Right. McCain’s immigration positions have been in opposition to many of his Republican colleagues. These two do not necessarily make him a maverick but they have given him at least some excuse to use the phrase. I wonder if he knows he is calling himself an unbranded cow.

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