Republicans Never Learn

By: Josh Raines


            It is quite obvious that with our sinking poll numbers, if the race for the White House were held today, we would be saying hello to Mr. Obama as our 44th President of the United States of America, and to Mr. Biden as our Vice-President. While it may seem that all hope is lost, I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank Republicans for the mess we are in, more specifically Liberal Republicans such as John McCain.        When we nominated or should I say they nominated Mr. McCain it would have been an understatement to say that I was quite upset. I believe my exact words were “McCain is the best Democrat the Republicans have ever nominated”. I hate to say I was correct. I made the case that when Republicans stray away from principles we loose every single time. Evidence of this can be found when Republicans nominated Ford and we lost. We then nominated George H.W. Bush (2nd time) and we lost. We nominated Dole and we lost. Now we have Nominated McCain, and we will probably loose in November.

            To be perfectly honest I really don’t mind that much, because I believe very little will… change. I predicted the very same thing when democrats took control of both houses of Congress, and I was correct, nothing… changed. At this point as a conservative I feel like a voice in the desert, just last week when most of Congress, our Liberal President and BOTH Presidential Candidates were calling for this bailout bill, I was saying no.

            No, not just to the bailout its self but to the fact that government should be taking any action at all, whether to help the homeowners who share responsibility or to the banks and companies who caused the problem. My solution was to help no one, not $.01 should go to anyone on wall-street or main-street. Now we have pilled even more debt onto our children’s future, and I don’t know if anyone noticed by the market has fell consistently ever since we passed the darn thing.

            It was called a “rescue” for the economy; as far as I can tell the rescue boat went down with the sinking ship (and McCain must have been on board too!).

            Oh well, so four years of President Obama, I am sure this will be fun. I guess it might be good in a way, perhaps this generation needs to see first hand that Socialism and big government never work. They say there is nothing like real life experience, so we better get started. I have often heard and repeat the saying that it took four years of Carter to get Reagan, so perhaps we (conservatives) will end up winners in the long run.

            I am very glad that we got rid of Hilary during this process (for now), so that is one positive strike in Obama’s corner, perhaps he won’t be so bad. Either way us Conservatives will be back in four years!!! Count on it!   






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11 responses to “Republicans Never Learn

  1. ilasiea

    Haha I enjoyed your post! I think it is so interesting how Conservatives like yourself are really anti-McCain. Maybe not because you don’t like the guy but because he’s too Liberal and as you said, he strays away from the important principles that most Republicans (obviously not McCain) hold dear.

    As far as being President, would you actually prefer Obama to be President? Or would you actually like to see McCain even though he may not be the best Republican to take on the job? Either way, as you said, maybe at the end of the four years, you guys will come out on top again! Oh yea, quick question, did you purposely not capitalize “democrats?” No judgment there, just curious of your writing style haha.

  2. Diego Del Campo

    I don’t really get what you mean by “conservative.” Clearly, from the language in your post, you’ve disowned Bush by calling him a “liberal,” I wish more of your fellow conservatives would have been more outspoken in opposition to liberal Bush the last two elections, infuriated by the how massive government grew under George W. Bush. You also disowned Bush 41, for losing to Clinton. So that makes Reagan, that last real “conservative” to have been president??
    Actually, you may have a point, but the debt and deficit ballooned under Reagan. He massively increased defense spending, or in other words, made government larger, not smaller. He also signed an amnesty bill in 1986.
    I just have to say that it’s so ironic that you use Reagan to lavish so much criticism at McCain, when it is the vestiges of the Reagan coalition that turned McCain from a maverick, Goldwater Republican into fake, cranky Jerry Falwell-praising Republican. I really hoped McCain would embrace the dissolution of the Reagan coalition, but instead he championed the too-dated coalition and it will cost him since economic liberals and social conservatives (a fragile marriage to begin with) aren’t in Reagan bliss anymore.
    Having said that, I just don’t get what “Republican principles” are, or if there ever were one set of unifying principles under Reagan besides “smaller government” and deregulation, which funnily enough got us into this economic mess.
    I just think there’s too much preoccupation in this post with “conservative” versus “liberal” labels to substantiate the supposed flaws of Obama and McCain, and for that matter the cheap shot at Hillary.

  3. Shawn_Scanlon

    Quite frankly, the Republicans could have gone back in a time machine to 1980, nabbed Reagan, brought him back, and ran him against Obama… and still lost. I agree with your assumption that base Republicans are an important constituency, but 2008 was never winnable for Republicans.
    Nominating McCain may have been a bad choice, but it didn’t really matter. There’s going to have to be some rebranding of the GOP before any Republican becomes President again.

  4. balaban13

    McCain is loosing because McCains is not himself. I guarantee you that he’d be doing a lot better if he ran using his 2000 platform as oppose to trying to duplicate G. Bush of 2004. His handlers sucked out all his good/decent qualities that he used to posess. The John McCain who was against Bush’s taxcuts, who was against the religious Right, who was against negative and devisive campaigning is not there anymore.

    It is no secret that McCain wanted to pick Lieberman for VP but the party that nominated him is so against abortion that it might have cost them a chance to win in November. So, now, he’s stuck with miss pitbull with a lipstick, who can see Russia from her kitchen window. McCain is running a right-of -center campaign at a time when people are leaning towards left.

    Having said that, I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that Obama has this wrapped up. I don’t believe those polls in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio. I really believe that there will be a “Bradley” effect on November 4th. I still don’t by the scenario that those older while people will vote for the black candidate. And that’s the only reason that McCain is still in the game.

  5. sj61w1


    No disrespect I was just writing fast, Democrat should be capitalized, you are correct. At this point I think we will be getting worst policies from either candidate, after seeing both Obama and McCain’s proposals to “help” the economy, I give up!

    Diego Del Campo,

    Trust me my friend I have been very outspoken over the policies of the Bush administration, however like I said in the post “voice in the desert”.
    Yes Reagan did grow government, but it did grow at a lower rate compared to other administrations and the end result was the destruction of communism, so I forgive him. As far as A Clinton goes, it was not really meant as a cheap shot, most of the nation does not like her anyway, but I was just stating the fact that overall Obama was a better Candidate than she was. Remember there is no real conservative in this race, just Liberal and extreme liberal.


    Well my friend, remember this is a center right nation, so if the Republicans ever decide to run a center right candidate again, we win in a landslide. So long as we speak to ideology and principles not partisan rhetoric. Remembering also that the Democratic Party did not have to “re-brand” themselves to take control of Congress in 2006 or perhaps take the white house in `08. No, being the opposition party they only have to wait until the Republicans screwed up. Hints the Republicans will only have to wait till the Dem’s screw up. Such is life my friend!


    My friend your argument is flawed, remember he lost the 2000 election running on that same platform you speak of, so your argument just went up in smoke, sorry! You are also in error when you say that McCain is running a center right campaign, perhaps you can show me some good conservative principles that he is running on? I would suggest you also learn the difference between leaning left and leaning Democrat, there is a big difference! People of this country are most definitely not leaning left; most people of this country are capitalist and conservative, sorry to burst your bubble.
    You could have a valid point on the Bradley effect however, I guess we will have to wait and see on the 4th.
    Also if the market keeps taking 100-400 point hits per day, you liberals will not have to worry about any Republicans interfering with your plans for the next 4 years, have fun!

  6. balaban13

    I’m not sure who sj61w1 is, but I’m going to address him/her anyway.

    I don’t consider my argument flawed at all, as former McCain advisers have made the same argument, including Mike Murphy. McCain lost in 2000 not because general population has rejected him, but because the right-wing nuts in South Carolina. I’d go even further than that and say that McCain, if he had won in 2000, would be by far a better President the Wya.

    Having said that, a lot have happened since 2000. The political pendulum that went to the right up until 2006, is coming back. Judging from the economic problems that this country is experiencing, this country is shifting from being right of center to pretty much center, and maybe leaning a bit to the left. The election will tell us whether that’s indeed the case, but that’s what polls are showing right now. This is not my opinion, these are facts.

    Also, I’m wondering what’s your definition of a conservative? Small government? Fine, then how come the same small government proponents don’t allow Gay people to marry? Or adults to enjoy recreational drugs? Or stop listening to people’s phone conversations? Or stop meddling in foreign countries internal affairs? Are these conservative going to return the land to Native Americans that their government took by force?

    Oh and by the way, if our founding fathers were conservatives, we’d still be a collection of British colonies.

  7. Shawn_Scanlon

    I’ll repeat what I said previously. No Republican can become President in this political climate. It doesn’t matter who the GOP nominated, quite simply put. Right now, this is NOT a center-right country; it’s a country tired of Republicans. Maybe a few years from now the Republicans will make a comeback, but for the time being, people are pretty friendly to liberal ideas.

    By a margin of 42%-31%, Americans believe that the government should provide a basic insurance program.

    By a margin of 43%-20%, Americans believe that the government should provide more services and increase spending.

  8. Lance Thibert

    One can almost catagorize Republican attacks this month into 3 catagories:

    1: SOCIALISM! (red-baiting!)

    2: TERRORISM! (9/11!)

    3: LIBERALISM! (they want to make your kids gay marry!)

    If current trends continue, Democrats will win the white house, knock Mitch McConnell out of his senate seat, and expand the majority in the house. This is the end of the conservative movement that Barry Goldwater started. Sure, it will be a potent force in GOP primaries for a while, but its national appeal is finished. The GOP had to nominate it’s most “liberal” senator in order to stay competative in the race for the white house.

    I’m not going to guess at what the GOP will become, but I for one am glad they aren’t listening to the likes of Dobson, Falwell (yeah i know he’s dead), Robertson and their ilk.

  9. Alicia Long

    I have to agree with Shawn and Balaban on the McCain issue. I think the answer is somewhere in the middle of your arguments. I do agree that McCain 2000 would have done better in this election climate, mostly because he would have come off as a “real” maverick. Currently, he is claiming this title, yet his policies are very much Republican ones. However, I do need to point out that even if McCain kept to his 2000 platform, he would not win this election. I do think that he would come closer than he is now, but he still wouldn’t win. The Republican brand is just to toxic this year, and he would never be able to escape that. Perhaps if he ran as an independent he would do better?

  10. Tony Robinson

    Your post seems to have a provoked a small firestorm of commentary, so congratulations on touching a nerve. You voice the thoughts of many in the Republican base, I think, but I have to say that there are a few problems with some of the claims:

    1) You claim that if the Republicans would just run a more right/conservative candidate they would easily win. But McCain’s problems are NOT with the right-wing currently. In polls a few weeks ago, McCain actually had secured more of the conservative base than Obama had secured of the liberal base. Obama is winning because such a huge percentage of moderate/independents are breaking for him–not because conservatives are abandoning McCain. How do you win over centrists by being MORE conservative?
    2) McCain is losing women by huge numbers. Women are NOT the most conservative part of the electorate–indeed the opposite. How do you win women voters by being even more conservative, when the reason they say they are voting Dem is because they like their progressive principals on such things as choice, environmentalism, health care and education?
    3) Sophisticated nationwide ANES polls, which have been for 50 years, show more Americans today prefer better and expanded govt. services than they do a new round of tax cuts.
    4) When there was essentially no govt. at all in terms of econ regulation, which you seem to want to return to, we had a senior poverty rate near 50%, tens of thousands of workers lost limbs and had other serious work injuries on unsafe work sites, the electric companies would not run utility lines into rural areas (not enough money to be made), hundreds of thousands of farmers became homeless each year, and thousands of bank depositors lost life savings, when the unregulated banks collapses, etc., etc. Look at the read data about working conditions and quality of life back around 1890-1930, before the rise of govt. regulation. On what measure can you really say life was better for our society with those kinds of figures?

  11. Stephen Noriega


    Thanks for being the voice in the desert. If it lifts your spirits, perhaps you should think of it as a voice in winter. Remember, after winter is spring and summer. To Scanlon’s comments, I would like to argue the line, “Right now, this is NOT a center-right country; it’s a country tired of Republicans.” I would say, “Right now, this IS a center-right country that is tired of Republicans.”

    We speak often outside of the blogosphere and we agree on some truths of the political world. I believe a Ronald Reagan with optimism and charisma might be able to steal (metaphorically) an election in a time of generalized anger at the status quo. The problem is that McCain is not Reagan. He reminds me of the Penguin from the Batman shows of old. Burgess Meredeth may not appreciate that but that is how I see it. A candidate with huge pizazz might be able to gather the base and reach out to that center-right bloc as well.

    Good look with those slings and arrows and I’ll talk to you later.

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