Don’t Blink, Wink!

In Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson, she said we must not blink when it comes to foreign affairs and issues of domestic security.

However, it appears that winking is just fine. 

Ok, Sarah. I understand that you have no idea what you are talking about and you are trying to recapture your falling star but do you really need to resort to winking compulsively during a formal debate? Maybe she was trying to play cutesy but she appeared to lose complete control of her facial expressions. Those winks were not natural despite claims that they were just a part of her easy nonverbal communication skills. As New York’s Village Voice said, she has a “Tourette’s like inability to control her winks.”

CNN produced a great video with all the comments made about Palin and her wink which I could only find on The Raw Story

Again, I realize that there is plenty of legitimate issues heavy information out there for the American public to access but I worry that the majority of American voters will laugh and comment on Sarah’s antics instead of diving into these issues. The comparison of her to a cocktail waitress is frighteningly true. She is treating this campaign like a coed eager for tips. We’ve heard all about lipstick and now excessive winking, what’s next a little flash of the thigh?

She dances her way out of and around questions in her vain attempt to connect with the American public through generalizations like “Joe Six Pack and Hockey Moms” and says that she and Todd have always been part of the average middle class family which is simply untrue. To run for office and win you need a name and a lot of money. She didn’t just appear out of thin air to save Alaska and then America. She plays the outsider card more than Gore talked about his lock box but the truth is she may be new on the scene but she is certainly as dangerous as any other “insider.” 

While her support is dwindling, this woman still has a very real chance of holding one of the highest offices in our country, if not in this election than the next. She is not your mom, she is not the PTA volunteer who brought you cookies and lemonade, she’s not even a relatively harmless small town mayor. She is dangerous. I’ll even give her more credit than I originally did. I still think she is dumb but she has learned to play the game, or has found a Rove, a Palin’s Brain if you will. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times said it best in his editorial, Palin’s Kind Of Patriotism.

“How in the world can conservative commentators write with a straight face that this woman should be vice president of the United States? Do these people understand what serious trouble our country is in right now?”

If our commentators and pundits don’t even understand what trouble our country is in or can’t freely express the plight than maybe we deserve Palin. Heck, she can name Joe Six Pack Secretary of the Treasury, since apparently Tom Brokaw isn’t McCain’s pick and bring along every hockey mom and third grade teacher in Wasilla to fill her ridiculous cabinet. If we truly vote a charming everyday person into this Disney movie goes bad reality than we can’t complain. Besides, we’ll be too busy putting on our lipstick and winking to notice as the beauty queen and salmon fisherman take over and change everything. 

And what about Hilary? Is it because Hilary was running for president and somehow we see vice-president as much less important? When Hilary cried she was attacked for being too emotional but when Palin tears up we somehow find her more appealing? The little journalist who called sexist need to reexamine their claims, as John Stewart showed in his clip the Sarah Palin Gender Card. 

We shouldn’t be proud of electing a VPILF. We should look at the issues, look at the candidates, consider how elitism has become a bad word and then decide.



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11 responses to “Don’t Blink, Wink!

  1. Joe Oglesby

    The fact that Sarah Palin is being attacked on her sex appeal and not the issues tells a sad story of the left. But this blog is about her character and not her policies, fine.
    She addresses the “Joe six packs” because they are the populous. The populous are who the candidates fight for because they are the independents, the swing voters. You state that “she and Todd have always been part of the average middle class family which is simply untrue.” But where is your proof? Her past does prove that she comes from the middle class. Her father was a science teacher and track coach; her mother was a secretary. Her past screams populous. Her husband also does claim to be elite. “Todd Palin, who is a lifelong Alaskan, a production operator on the North Slope and a four-time champion of the Iron Dog, the world’s longest snowmachine race.”
    How is Sarah Palin dangerous? Does her love for hunting make her a threat to our safety? The inverse of this would be that Obama is not dangerous, which is an entirely outrageous claim when examing his radical ties to people like Bill Ayers. Also, the hot off the press story of Odinga does not help the claim that Obama is not a radical and therefore not dangerous. (This story literally came out this afternoon on Sean Hannity’s radio show and will not likely make a splash until next week.)
    But back to Palin. Why can’t an attractive person be elected to the highest seats in congress? I, personally, like the idea of getting to listen someone as attractive as Palin discuss current affairs. There are many, myself included, who agree with her opinions on policies such as the economy, oil, and national security. I guess I missed the part in the Constitution where a qualification for the Vice Presidency is that you can not be attractive.

  2. Diego Del Campo

    I agree with Joe. I think that Palin’s past, her rise from small-town mayor, to governor, and now to VP nominee, tells a great deal about the authenticity of her populism, in a way that rings truer than the Democrats’. I mean, I don’t think Palin was running for (vice) president the minute she stepped into the governor’s office, the way some other candidates, ahem, did when they stepped into the Senate.
    By the way, I know you didn’t use a byline, but I find the use of terms like “VPILF” to be completely tasteless and beyond offensive–and have no place in an elevated, intellectual discussion about politics. To refer to a woman like that and use her appearance to belittle her and brush her aside does a disservice to the many women who are today trying break in to politics, and who continue to fight for equality. Palin was elected governor of Alaska in her own right–and I think it’s about time we owned up to the fact that she’s a serious political player now, and not just the beauty pageant contestant she was years ago.

  3. successfulcommunications

    I’d love to see you quit using the word “than” in place of “then” in your diatribe.

    Go Sarah!

  4. ewoods37

    I agree with my fellow conservative classmates on this one. I’m getting tired of the left trying to devalue Palin’s stance on issues because of her pagaent past and charming speechmaking. It is unfair to say that because of this she is unintelligent and unable to help lead our country as vice president. Although, I realize she has had her gaffes in doing interviews, this does not make her unintelligent either. In my opinion Palin did well during the vice presidential debate, and spoke intelligently about the issues that face our country.

  5. chiapet97

    I am not a part of this class in any way, but it seems to me that the points made in these comments seem slightly unjustified. This blogger was simply commenting on Sarah Palin’s lack of experience and immense character flaws, in these few short weeks before we find our country with a new leader and running mate it is completely legitimate to question one’s ability to lead and make the changes that this country needs. It isn’t a massacre on Palin’s character as much as it points out her obvious short comings as a leader and as a human.
    Her vision doesn’t seem to extend much past russia out her back window, and jesus christ in the meth capitol of Alaska.

  6. caitlinmock

    This is my post. I forgot to put in a byline, not because I don’t stand by everything I wrote but because I simply forgot.

    So here you go… Don’t Blink, Wink by Caitlin Mock

    This was a more opinionated piece and I didn’t include substantial research on every claim because it was intended to be an opinionated piece. Also, for the record I didn’t coin the term VPILF or say I approved of it. I am extremely feminist and that’s why I take such offense at Palin playing the beauty card and gender card. She isn’t trying to break into politics as a serious contender, she’s using everything she has to flirt the American public into voting for her ticket.

  7. Shawn_Scanlon

    Wow. I never thought I’d see a VP candidate wink multiple times during a debate. I know it isn’t a substantive issue, and there are plenty of those that I disagree with Gov. Palin on, but it reminds me of the politics that gave us Dubya. Charisma is not enough. Intelligence is also needed. I don’t care about Gov. Palin’s supposed lack of experience; I care about her radical positions on abortion and global warming. I care about her reflex to fall back on being folksy instead of discussing the issues.

  8. Tony Robinson


    Thanks for the passionate post that shows heart and a deep personal commitment to your political vision. I love the video about the winking, and I also find it rather strange and disarming…it just doesn’t seem “presidential.”

    The post is at its best when you are quoting people like Thomas Friedman and taking a bit of a high-minded stance. The post loses credibility a bit when you say things like “Ok Sarah, I understand you don’t know what you are talking about,” and “Palin is dumb,” and “VPILF.” Those comments drag down the tone of the entry, adn though it is okay in a blog to be opinionated, you still need to try to avoid barroom insults. I certainly can do better in my own writing and teaching on this point, but in general your writing is better when it is done for a universe of readers, including both liberal and conservative, and when you write to convince both sides of the virtues of your argument, which you simply can’t do when calling people dumb…

  9. Stephen Noriega

    This might repeat so sorry.

    Palin’s family earnings in 2007 were 166,000 with over a million in assets (Star Tribune, October 3, 2008 – 10:49 PM). The average earnings in Alaska are 34,000 ( This puts her a smidge outside the economic center.

    One concern I have about Palin is her answers to the duties of the Vice President. She has said twice now that the Vice President is in charge of the Senate and is involved in policy shaping. This is incorrect. Whether she does not have the knowledge of the office or if she is disregarding the actual duties of the VP, she is on the wrong.

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