The gloves are off……



Jean Gadberry

The fact that the McCain/Palin camp have decided to launch a huge negative campaign against Barack Obama’s character rather than the issues makes me wonder if the new polls have the Republican camp running scared.  In this clip, Sara Palin addresses Obama’s relationship with “domestic terrorists” in a speech she delivered in Carson, California on Oct 04.


  Additionally, here is the ad being run by the American Issues Project, which is not a part of the McCain campaign.  Regardless of who is running the ad, Palin is using this sort of tool and propaganda in her speeches.  


  It is understandable why the McCain group is worried, according to the latest electoral maps it appears that Obama is sitting with a lead. The Michigan race appears over for McCain, and this is something that probably contributes to a huge stress for the McCain campaign.  Here is a look at the issues facing McCain with data from MSNBC:

The reality of the situation is that the American public is watching, and last week’s Presidential  debate (Sept. 26th) did very little to bump up McCain or cause a huge dip for Obama, as this graph shows-


The pressure is mounting, the economy needs rebuilding, and the race must go on.  The major element that the McCain camp is pushing for are the undecided women vote, and this is why Palin is out and about in full stride.  There is a visible push when watching Palin speak that she is trying her hardest to push the down home, mother, soccer mom/hockey mom feeling, which for many undecided  voters may appear to be a breath of fresh air, but for others it can give the feeling of friendship and likeability, but lacks in confidence the ability to run a country if need be. It is no secret that many feared that Palin was going to fall on her face during the debate on Thursday but she did not.  

It will be interesting to watch the next weeks unfold, especially with the full negative campaign assault that is coming towards the Obama/Biden ticket.  For the most part, the Obama campaign has not hit below the belt, but Palin is very close with her recent statements regarding Obama and his relationship with “domestic terrorists”.  



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3 responses to “The gloves are off……

  1. That is just plain amazing that the McCain campaign would struggle so hard to liken Obama to being affiliated with terrorism of any kind.

    It is and outrightly sexist, racist, and overtly un-American tactic on the part of Republican campaign to stoop this low.

    Anybody standing behind or next to Palin will uniformly feel embarrased to be filmed during the implementation such a sophomoric speech kept on file for future documentaries after the election.

  2. jeanelaina

    It is really sad that the Republican party would feel good about sending out this type of message. They are using tactics that I was hoping would not see the light of day. They should be ashamed of themselves, but not likely. Hopefully these tactics backfire.

  3. Tony Robinson

    Nice post Jean–exactly the kind of good data that should be in these posts. The McCain camp is in a box. They hoped to win by running as a honorable man of integrity and avoiding the gutter campaigns that are so typical–but when you are running as far behind as McCain is, you obviously can’t keep playing the same old game plan. You have to hit harder and take more risks and hope to force a fumble on the Obama team. McCain’s great hope is to swing a number of Americans by reminding them of how unknown, exotic, and outside of the heartland Obama is–that’s what these Palin attacks are about. With the DOW crashing another 500-600 points today, its doubtful that Ayers will become the issue of the day, however. McCain’s watching his chances flush down the toilet with the economy–he can be expected to take whatever low blow possible as he goes. A drowning man takes down everyone with him…

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