So much for the bailout

by Leonid Balaban

Well, so much for the bailout that was suppose to stop the potential collapse of the financial markets. As of 12.30pm, Dow Jones is down by almost 700 points, Nasdaq is down 150. European and Asian markets are tanking as well. For the first time since 2004, Dow is below 10000 mark. Yet, McCain campaign wants to talk about the Ayers and Wright. How can any conservative with any sort of conscience, defend the tactics of personal attacks when the economic “barn is burning” ?


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2 responses to “So much for the bailout

  1. Tony Robinson

    Hey Leo: You’re right. These personal attacks are a ridiculous distraction. I’ll repeat my comments on Jean’s post about the gloves coming off. The McCain camp is in a box. They hoped to win by running as a honorable man of integrity and avoiding the gutter campaigns that are so typical–but when you are running as far behind as McCain is, you obviously can’t keep playing the same old game plan. You have to hit harder and take more risks and hope to force a fumble on the Obama team. McCain’s great hope is to swing a number of Americans by reminding them of how unknown, exotic, and outside of the heartland Obama is–that’s what these Palin attacks are about. With the DOW crashing another 500-600 points today, its doubtful that Ayers will become the issue of the day, however. McCain’s watching his chances flush down the toilet with the economy–he can be expected to take whatever low blow possible as he goes. A drowning man takes down everyone with him…

  2. Lance Thibert

    Every minute McCain spends on the economy is a minute closer to losing the election. Tony is right, he absolutely has to do this to keep his campaign alive. I believe McCain really doesnt want to do this, but will do it anyway in order to try and win. The only thing that can trump McCain’s sense of honor is his ambition.

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