Media bias…

By Diego Del Campo

In the discussion on Thursday, a few people disagreed that the media was biased in ways that favored Obama and disadvantaged McCain. Like I said in my post a last week, I still think the media, for the most part, is biased. Yes, Fox News is the number one cable news network, but I would argue two things: 1) Fox News isn’t shamelessly shilling for McCain as MSNBC or (a good chunk of) CNN is for Obama, and 2) the bias doesn’t apply only to cable news, I think its in newspapers like USA Today and the New York Times and even on Facebook, where its co-founder endorsed, helped, and now works for Obama. People who get the news from non-traditional sources are also subjected to biased information.

In the last few weeks there’s was the unusual grilling of McCain by the hosts of The View, and I find it interesting that Obama received much hospitable treatment from the ladies:

I don’t think they would’ve been as hostile with Obama about his own questionable ads. And just this week, David Letterman made fun of McCain using unaired footage from a taped interview with Katie Couric.

People who don’t pay much attention to cable news but do watch shows like The View or Letterman, are obviously not going to get a fair view of McCain.



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6 responses to “Media bias…

  1. Tony Robinson

    Diego’s exactly right that McCain was treated differently on The view than Obama was. But I have to take issue with a point that Diego raises when he says “Fox News isn’t shamelessly shilling for McCain as MSNBC or (a good chunk of) CNN is for Obama.”

    What?!? I watch Fox News regularly and that station is so relentlessly pro-McCain and anti-Obama in its coverage that its painful. A list of videos that reveal Fox bias can be seen at

    I’m curious if other class members agree that MSNBC is shamelessly shilling for Obama, while Fox is more neutral.

  2. Shawn_Scanlon

    Well, to put it politely, for God’s sakes, no. MSNBC is not being “more biased” than Fox. Both seem to be aiming for a certain niche of cable television news viewers. Those on MSNBC who “shill” for Obama are opinion people; Olbermann, Maddow, etc.

    On Fox, there are well-documented instances of bias against Obama not only by opinion people like Hannity and O’Reilly, but more importantly by “news” anchors like Steve Doocy or Brit Hume.

    People expect to get opinion on these channels by the likes of Hannity and Olbermann, but Fox tries to hide bias in with “news” segments.

  3. Matt Knipple

    It is very clear that McCain was treated differently on The View than Senator Obama but I’m not sure I agree with the statement that MSNBC is pressing more for Obama than FOX is for McCain. Both are doing their parts and are being biased for a certain candidate and it is very well known that FOX is a conservative so yes they will be pro-McCain and MCNBC will be pro-Obama. As a conservative myself, it’s pretty comical to watch FOX sometimes to see how conservative it really is and I think it takes the cake on being the most bias news channel (which I don’t mind).

  4. caitlinmock

    Of course the media is biased. That is why we have different channels and media modes. It is the responsibility and individual choice of each person to seek out which channel or paper or combination they want to access. It worries me when people take the SNL skits or The Daily Show as the absolute gospel without diving into more comprehensive coverage but it also worries me how the stories on these and other left leaning programs barely have to tweak what really happens to make it comical. I personally want to watch FOX to get the other viewpoint but can’t usually make it past 30 minutes and despite my huge crush on Wolf Blitzer find CNN annoying at times so I tend to be a C-SPAN girl. At least then I feel like I’m really making up my own mind.

  5. Stephen Noriega

    I believe that most news networks have a form of Sundowner’s Syndrome. When I used to work with the criminally insane, they would often become less coherent, less functional and more psychotic at night. This is also seen with patients of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The news networks typically report on the same six stories all day, with tinges of partisanship throughout. However, once the sun goes down, O’Reilly and Olbermann come out. As the moon rises, Hannity and that other supposedly balancing guy comes out to do battle with Rachel Maddow. Lou Dobbs’ insanity is so pervasive that CNN has to put him on well before the sun sets. Both sides whine about a biased media when they both have institutionalized safe havens to go to and express their ideas.

    About David Letterman, he felt double-crossed by McCain who lied to him about why he had to cancel his show. Everyone in the business knows you don’t upset Mr. Letterman. This had nothing to do with partisan bias and everything to do with the fact that Letterman has an ego the size of Jupiter and he is very funny and well-liked in states like Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

  6. Kiley Larsen

    I just have to respond to the Letterman issue also. McCain dug himself a huge hole by bailing on Letterman, not what you want to do. Up until this point, I feel that everyone on The Late Show has always been fair game in political playing field. Let’s just face it, the McCain campaign, especially in the PP (yes its a new time period, Post-Palin) era, is more likely to drop ridiculous sound bites that are good for a laugh. It could also be a case of this country coming to terms with how they have been run over the last 8 years and as Twisted Sister would say “we’re not going to take it any more,” rising up, complete with perms. When all of the swing states are turning towards an alternate candidate from what the GOP has to offer, its not necessarily the media’s fault. It just might be the tough times…
    Also as far as The View, Ms. Hasselbeck’s defense of Governor Palin would have been funny also, had it not been so scary that people listen to her.

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