No es honesto

By Diego Del Campo

Barack Obama’s ad targeting Latinos stretches the guilt-by-association trick a bit:

Titled, “Two Faces” the ad’s logic is basically this:

John McCain is a Republican

Rush Limbaugh is a Republican

Rush Limbaugh hates immigrants

Therefore: John McCain hates immigrants.

For one, I will never forget the courage John McCain showed in standing up to the right-wing Republican base to sponsor comprehensive immigration reform, with liberal lion Ted Kennedy, no less!

Also, the “two faces” in the ad, were the two high profile Republicans who were in favor of immigration reform, and tried to push it through Congress.

Obama can do better.



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2 responses to “No es honesto

  1. bbohnert

    Diego, I agree that this ad is a bit of a stretch and the tangential relationship between McCain and Limbaugh is tentative at best. However, you failed to mention that after standing up to the (very vocal) anti-immigrant portion of his political party, he eventually capitulated to this very faction and reversed his stance on the immigration bill. While politics is a game of pragmatism and opportunism, I was disappointed yet not shocked that his immigration stance had to move to the right during the primary season. However, an interesting dynamic exists within this “right” since most of the economic, pro-business folks remain quiet on the issue due to the fact that if affects their work force and hence their bottom line. On the other hand, the social conservatives who squawk about how the immigrants are ruining the “real” America clamor to build walls, erect miles of barbed wire and rush to join the minute-men to live out their childhood fantasy of playing the Lone Ranger. McCain had a reasonable proposal that included a path to citizenship and recognized the humanity of the “aliens,” and the vocal minority of his party raked him over the coals for it. Soon after, he changed his rhetoric to include tough border security and dropped his proposal for a path to legal citizenship. So while he is not exactly from the same bigoted mold of Rush and others in his party, he certainly has tried to contort himself into said mold in order to be elected.

  2. Tony Robinson

    Agree with both Diego and Brian. This ad would be rightfully blasted by Dems if it were run with similar deceptive associations by the Repubs. Diego’s summary of its faulty associative reasoning is right on the mark.

    However, McCain’s rather lengthy record of policy capitulations to the right-wing of his party (including oil drilling, Palin pick and immigration reversal) do suggest that it is relevant to point out that the repubs were the party that were most behind the harshest immigration proposals of the last few years (Tancredo?), and that people should think that over as they think about what McCain might mean. McCain is part of a party, and parties have traditions…

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