GOP hoping Palin their version of Hilary?

Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is defiantly no Hilliary Clinton right? As much as the Grand Old Party zeros in on the differences that exist between their Vice-Presidential hopeful and Clinton.  Still after all the “operation chaos” type tactics that the republicans engaged in and all the hoping that Hilary would become the Democratic Nominee because they COULD beat a woman. Yet their own party choses a woman. Take that Rush. Though much of the issues with Hillary where personal take Newt and her husband. What seemed to be the main issue the GOP had with Hilary was she was a threat as a woman not as a Clinton. Sarah Palin might be able to let off M-16 rounds like Tony Montana but we all remember what happened the last time some one gave the Vice President a gun.

Yet I do not think that those are the skills or experience that McCain and his machine thinks Mrs. Pailin would bring to the 2008 election. For all of the differences real or perceived between Clinton and Palin they share one similarity they are both women. The Republican party is counting, foolishly, on disenchanted Hilary Clinton supporters to make the switch to the McCain ship simply because Sarah Palin is a woman. The McCain team is hoping that Palin can energize the Republicans like Clinton did for the Democrats. I find an injustice has occurred when the glass-ceiling is shattered by someone other than the one that cracked it. It is also ignorant to think that woman do not see nor care for the issues but only see a woman. Dangerous Craps game for McCain’s Presidential bid. I do not support either Obama nor McCain but the strategy for the Republicans is clear. The GOP needs Pailin to be their Hilary. She is off to a good start anyone catch SNL?



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4 responses to “GOP hoping Palin their version of Hilary?

  1. Diego Del Campo

    Like the sketch said, Sarah Palin and Hillary don’t agree on anything, but they are tough ladies so some Hillary supporters might jump ship. I don’t think it’s so much because they are women but because they are tough, or at least perceived to be tough, and that appeals in some part to the Hillary supporters who wanted a tough leader for president (even though she is lacking experience).

  2. Heather Ellerbrock

    What is amazing though is throughout the personal comments I read from the people on the internet, I have found a handful of women who were Hillary supports who now support McC…I mean Palin. I do not think however these a democratic women. I believe these are the 14% of conservative women that supported Hillary but were going to vote McCain anyway. Even then however, there were women out there supporting Hillary just because she was a woman. I am all for supporting women, but not when it comes to the welfare of my country. People have got to grow up and understand that being President of the U.S. is on the top 10 of most important jobs in the world!

  3. Stephen Noriega

    I don’t think Palin can get through these current times and help the McCain ticket by November. I think her gender will end up as a non factor.

    I also think the Republicans hated Hilary for many reasons beside her gender. They saw her as a strong supporter of big government and a threat to Republican in-roads to white workers. Palin might have some appeal to this crowd in the short term.

  4. Tony Robinson

    Thanks for an energetic and passionate post. A few tips on improving the post in the future, and earning more points on it:

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    3) Try to add links and proof for your various claims. For example, when you write a sentence like “after all the “operation chaos” type tactics that the republicans engaged in and all the hoping that Hilary would become the Democratic Nominee because they COULD beat a woman,” you need links to a poll or some article that backs up your claim that Republicans were engaging in such tactics and your claim that Republicans felt that they could beat a woman. What source backs up this claim? The blog needs to be filled with links…

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