Rudy the Clown

By Kiley Larsen

My first viewing of Meet the Press since Tim Russert’s passing happened to be an interesting one. This past weekend featured none other than the man, the myth, and the part-time drag queen, Rudy Guiliani. If McCain wants to win this election, he shouldn’t be sending this guy around to defend him. Rudy appeared to be in an almost desperation mode of defending McCain and attacking Obama. The most interesting segment was about how the John McCain’s stance on campaign ethics has changed in the short time period since April. In this exerpt, Tom Brokaw showed a clip in which McCain supposedly recognizes that people are tired of “mudslinging campaigns” and that he will not go to that level. Now, he has released a commercial just downright spinning a bill that supposedly had Obama wanting to give sex education to kindergartners.

The Washington Post and responded by showing this was down right not true and blown out of porportion. Rudy went on to defend it, calling the only wrong thing about it was calling it an “accomplishment”. After Brokaw tells him there are larger issues and asks if he thought the ad was wrong, Rudy backs into a corner and talks about how Obama needs to be at “town hall” style meetings with McCain, which would in conclusion, get rid of these negative ads. Basically, he says Obama is arrogant and chicken@$#&, the same attack the Republicans always stick with. Rudy is completely wrong. Even though the clip cuts off before it, Brokaw reminds Guliani the same thing I did in a discussion, the debates are coming up. What is the point of Obama and McCain scheduling their own debates when the next month and a half is going to have it’s fair share of them?
The other glaring issue I had with Rudy in this specific interview was his handling of a question about him taking a jab at Obama as a community organizer.

On top of looking like a total jerk by mocking someone who gave their time to humanitarian efforts, he completely changed the subject to the ecomony. He goes on to attack Obama’s proposed economic plans, but looks foolish when Brokaw reminds him that Warren Buffett supports Obama and his proposals. If I had to put my hurting dollars with either Warren Buffett or Rudy Guliani, I know the choice I’d make.


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One response to “Rudy the Clown

  1. Stephen Noriega

    Rudy has lost a great deal of credibility since his miserably botched run at the Presidency himself. His East Coast, abrupt style is much more aggravating than when he was the installed hero of 9/11 or the darling of the pre-primary press. It is unfortunate that campaigns become negative so quickly. However, they are successful so the pressure to go negative materializes very quickly, especially when one finds oneself behind in the polls.

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