Negative actions may reap positive rewards….


Jean Gadberry

There has obviously been a push within the past couple of weeks to keep the spikes in polls stable at the levels seen following the conventions for both the Democrats and the Republicans.  In order to make sure that the American voting public is still excited, the campaigns have turned negative, especially for John McCain’s camp.  The American people strive on negativity, even though many say they try to see past the ads. One example of the American public taking an idea to discredit a politician and running with it was with the ads stating that Obama was Muslim. 


This ploy at fear mongering has been successful to a degree. It has been shown in at least one poll that up to 12 percent of Americans think Obama is Muslim when asked the question “”Do you happen to know what religion Barack Obama is?” as found in the Pew Research poll. 

The  most effective ways to ensure a win is to make your opponent look like the worst possible option for the next President not because of his current campaign policies, but on things outside of the current political spotlight. This has been done in the past many times, and has worked.  There is a love-hate relationship for the American public and our taste for political ads, but the one element that has been clear throughout the years in politicking is the fact that the negative ads are the ones that Americans tend to remember. The more outrageous, the more likely people will tune in and in many cases not bother to check the details.  One of the most famous ads was the Willie Horton ad in 1988.  This ad help kill the hopes of Dukakis in winning the election. The men and women that start these ads understand and take advantage of the fear of Americans, and hope that the facts will not be checked out. (Although in the Willie Horton case the facts were true.)

            With the newest ads coming out, it appears that the McCain camp and Republican party is not just putting out negative campaigns ads but have gone as far as attempting to make Obama look like a sexist in a small statement in much more important speech. Everyone with half a brain knows that Obama was not stating anything about Sarah Palin in his speech in Virginia with a quip regarding  “lipstick on a pig”, but that did not stop the McCain camp from manipulating the situation and playing the victim. The political environment now is not about issues, but about who can complain the loudest.  

            At this point in the election, the lies are more abundant, and the truth has been stretched thin.  It is time that the American public turns off the televisions, and starts doing the proper research to make the correct choices for their families and lives.    



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2 responses to “Negative actions may reap positive rewards….

  1. Stephen Noriega

    If only the public would actually research their candidates, we would have more qualified, and much fewer of them!

    I went to this church once when I was five, and my friend listed me as Catholic so we could sit together. I have never practiced Catholicism. I have been pagan for decades. I can see how the truth is twisted so much until it is now a lie.

    I believe that libel standards should apply to political campaigns. Could you imagine any of us saying, in the press, things like that about others. -insert scary political music here- “Did you know that Stephen Noriega belongs to a dangerous cult. Can we trust him not to destroy the country?” Please, give me a break; and by the way, I’m suing you!

  2. Tony Robinson

    I wonder, Jean, if the overwhelming crisis of economic reality without overthrow all this superficial and tangential advertising negativity that tends to drive elections. Would the electorate respond to the Willie Horton ad as powerfully if the economy were going up in flames as it is now? I don’t think so.

    There are times when the “reality based community” (as Rummy put it at one point) actually asserts itself over the spin and ideology of the politicians and pundits and even the best crafted ads. We may be in one of those moments now. The crisis is so great, reality so overpowering, that talk of how Obama wants to teach kindergarten kids to have sex orgies just might now swing it this year…

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