Embarrassing, indeed

By Diego Del Campo
Much has been said (or has it?) about the media’s so-called bias favoring John McCain (at some times) and Barack Obama (most of the time). While some people call it “whining” (when on the other side) there’s pretty much no denying that MSNBC has really out-Foxed even the fairest and most balanced networks of all time.
During the DNC, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell blasted the coverage of the primaries by the major news networks, but singled out NBC, saying that the network’s cable news channel was “the official network of the Obama campaign.”
What’s kinda sad and pathetic is that in NBC’s defense, Tom Brokaw said that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews were “not the only voices” of MSNBC, which may have been correct, were it not for the fact that Olbermann and Matthews are the two broadcasters prominently featured all over MSNBC’s buses and makeshift studio in front of Union station.
Just look at the following promo image featuring Olbermann’s show:

Rival network CNN covered the on-air squabbles between Olbermann and some of his colleagues that have really hurt MSNBC’s reputation:

I’m relieved to hear that Olbermann and Matthews have been stripped of their host duties for election night coverage—maybe now NBC can save face and not become the left-wing copy-cat of Fox News.


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  1. Tony Robinson


    Fascinating post, and I really enjoyed the video link exploring the roots of Olbermann’s demise at MSNBC as anchor. The fact that many reporters at NBC news came unglued and critiqued MSNBC leftism (Brokaw, Scarborough) is interesting, considering that I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fox News reporters like Alan Colmes or Rivera outright attacking Fox for being ridiculously biased. Diego, you even claim that MSNBC has been worse than Fox in its bias–but I don’t think that claim is sustainable.

    The film “OutFoxed” is a good look at the systematic bias of Fox, created and led as it is by former RNC top official Roger Ailes. Other good sources on Fox bias include http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=1067

    and a playlist of some biased fox reports can be found here http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=A3BD2524FE99BD4D

    Recently Fox was even caught doctoring the photos it used of NYT reporters to make them look less appealing (darkening their eyes, widening their notes, receding their hairlines) when aired on TV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvLLL2RFfmg

    My point is that it is revealing of our acceptance of CONSERVATIVE media bias that MSNBC has been pilloried for being liberal, even by its own reporters, and has been driven to change its news format (similar to the episode of liberal Dan Rather being driven off the air), while Fox News absolutely outdoes any liberal station for its 24 hour over the top blasting of Democrats, and no heads have rolled over there. I recall seeing Doocey and the crew on Fox and Friends in the morning criticizing MSNBC day in and day out for being biased, and criticizing the NYT for its liberalism, which is just a bit shocking in its audacious hypocrisy.

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