Do the issues matter now?

Sarah Palin has entered the current Presidential election as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee with John McCain as the Republican Presidential running mate.  With her as a running mate John McCain is even in the polls against Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees for the Democratic party.  Her personality has seemed to play a vital role in the leveling in the polls.  Maybe it is time to once again focus on the issues instead of the shocking choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.


With the economy being in the current state that it is, voters are going to start paying attention to the issues, not a candidate’s personality.   The economy is in trouble.  This was exemplified today when “Lehman Brothers, an investment bank that predates the Civil War and weathered the Great Depression, filed the largest bankruptcy in American history. A second storied bank, Merrill Lynch, fled into the arms of Bank of America.”   These are serous issues that can have serious ramifications such as “About $700 billion in shareholder value disappeared in a single day of trading.”  This situation will have an impact on the voters and how they feel about America’s economy. 


The public needs to mark which candidate is best suited to handle the current economic situation, and whose plan will most help the economy. Both Presidential candidates responded to today’s news.   Obama called it “the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression.” McCain declared in a new TV ad that “our economy is in crisis” and that only he and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, could fix it. McCain also told voters in Jacksonville, Fla., “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.”” 


Alan Greenspan, “argued that the country couldn’t afford the tax cuts being proposed by John McCain without an equally massive reduction in spending.”  When the previous Chairman of the Federal Reserve speaks, I think it is wise for us all to listen. 


Here is a video from Barack Obama’s speech in Colorado on September 15, 2008 where Barack Obama discusses the current economic situation. 



In a time when jobs, retirement funds, and livelihoods are at stake, the public needs to not take their vote lightly.  The economic issues facing Americans today are impacting their everyday lives.  It will matter who is elected this year, and it is the policy of the candidate’s that can help save the economy, not their personality. 




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2 responses to “Do the issues matter now?

  1. Tony Robinson

    Please add a byline so I know whose ideas I am reading… This post was on the mark in predicting exactly what unfolded in the last two weeks. Good job predicting how the financial crisis would grow to overshadow Palin and focus Americans on jobs, retirement income and other economic basics rather than on style, dress, personality and .

  2. Stephen Noriega

    It is so true that as the economy gets in more trouble and other issues come to the surface of the American consciousness, issues more related to an episode of an MTV reality show (an oxymoron in itself) are fading into the woodwork. However, it is scary that if the economy was doing okay, that we would still be worried about who is called a pig and who thinks they are Joe Six Pack.

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