A Battle of the VP’s: Who’s Hungrier?

By Matt Knipple. 

Ever since Presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain, selected Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as his nominee for Vice President the day after other Presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, the election has pretty much been all about Mrs. Palin.  Some would even venture to say that the ticket should be Palin/McCain, not McCain/Palin. 

            The spotlight on Governor Palin has been so much more prominent than any spotlight on the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden.  Mr. Biden has been in the shadows the past few weeks it seems but he is starting to come out attacking McCain and his party.  Biden goes on the attack saying that, “We’ve seen this movie before” in reference to the past two terms of George W. Bush and goes on to say that, “And we know, the sequel is always worse than the original.”  Mr. Biden also goes on to say that if the country is ready for four more years of Bush to vote for McCain and even refers to McCain as “Bush 44” in reference to George W. Bush being the 43rd President and McCain possibly being the 44th President of the United States.  Here is a video of Joe Biden attacking McCain, Palin, and the Republican Party:

            Joe Biden is not the only person that is out fighting for their party, Sarah Palin is doing the same thing.  Ever since the shocking selection of Governor Palin as Senator McCain’s Vice Presidential nominee the race has become much closer very quickly, some polls even showing John McCain being ahead since the Republican National Convention.

Palin has gone on the attack of Obama, much more than Biden has on McCain, or so it seems.  This may just be because of how shocking it is she is still the VP nominee but whatever she does seems to be amplified in the news and is seen by many more people.  Many people have seen the quote where Palin says during her acceptance speech, “Listening to him speak it’s easy to forget that this is a man who’s authored two memoirs, but not a single major law or even a reform, not even in the state Senate.”  It’s kind of ironic that she attacks his experience in a way when she is very inexperienced herself but it may work in the end.  She has also said that Obama is trying to save the world rather than keeping an eye on his own country and saving America.  This is a reference to how popular he is in Europe and how the world perception of him may be better than it is here in his own country.  Here is a video of Governor Palin attacking Senator Obama:

In the end the race for President will be between Barack Obama and John McCain, at least it should be, but right now the Vice Presidents have (in Palin’s case) and are starting to (in Biden’s case) be heard and attacking one another’s Presidential nominees.  Right now, Sarah Palin seems to be more effective and helping her party much more than Joe Biden is but that all may change when they show down against each other in the debates.  I hope that Palin can keep the momentum going for the Republicans and that in the end they come out on top but I feel the gap will close once again during the debates between the Vice Presidents.  I’m unsure how well she will do in a debate with an experienced politician such as Joe Biden.  It will be an interesting next couple of months




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4 responses to “A Battle of the VP’s: Who’s Hungrier?

  1. Matthew Wolf

    You say that the election has been “pretty much all about Mrs. Palin”, but it might be more accurate to say the “media” is all about Palin. You also chose, after hearing the truth in class (perhaps you were absent), to continue to spread the lie that Obama has authored “not a single major law or even a reform, not even in the state Senate” when in fact, he has authored over one hundred.

    This election seems to be more about media focus than real issues, and ultimately, whether anyone cares about the truth.

    The truth is that McCain can only win if he can get Obama down into the mudslinging world of recent presidential elections. The truth is that McCain has not been a “straight talker” for months, but has resorted to a mud-slinging flip flopper on most issues, while labeling himself a proponent of change.

    The truth is that Obama is different, and has done a pretty good job of sticking to real issues and avoiding mudslinging. The truth is that in a time when the US truly needs allies in Europe, McCain equates any attraction to Obama by Europeans as a bad thing, and some people buy this argument.

    The truth is that many who see and hear the truth continue to propagate lies, because they can’t handle the truth!

  2. Tony Robinson

    The two videos on this post are useful, as are the other links–but this post actually leaves me a bit hungry for a bit more analysis. You are right, Matt (Knipple), that Palin has grabbed headlines like crazy and that people are responding to her–but we all kind of know that. It’s clear and obvious that she has stolen the show.

    What’s a bit more of a mystery is WHY? Why have the votes so responded to Palin? Which voters are most responsive and why? Throughout American history, vice-presidential nominations have never had much of an affect on presidential races, and now we are talking about a candidate completely upending a campaign narrative that has been developing over years. How in the world did that happen? A bit deeper analysis of those kinds of intriguing questions really seems a key question, and I would love thoughts on this central question.

  3. Stephen Noriega

    I think the American public wanted another twist in the election coverage. These events must compete with reality shows and Palin was the return of Omarosa. She has a gift for speaking in public and owns her icon status very well. She can be a heroin for the farther-right, a base never totally in love with McCain.

    However, with some of the current events, I believe this dynamic around Palin will definitely fade.

  4. snickerbites

    I agree with Stephen, I think that this “euphoric high” given off by Palin for the past few weeks will eventually fade away as the debates get closer. I’m actually really anxious to see how she does in these debates since she is considerably inexperienced compared to Biden. As you have mentioned Matt, it saddens me that much of the media has been focused on the VPs and not the actual presidential candidates like it should have been. But I think that once we get into the debates, things will heat up more with the McCain and Obama, and the real excitement will begin.

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