How low can McCain go?


Jean Gadberry

McCain really pushes the envelope with his latest ad:

I hope Obama does not take the bait and push back with something equally negative. But for some of the uninformed voters, this could be much like the “Willie Horton ad“in the 1988 election. 


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3 responses to “How low can McCain go?

  1. Stephen Noriega


    I have not seen this commercial. Is it in a Colorado market? I agree with you that this is a Hortonesque ad. Obama needs to be so careful about his rhetoric (reference the lipstick phony uproar). The Republicans can play victim so well. Its the elites, or Hollywood, or the liberal press (minus Fox and all the radio shows I guess) trying to insult them. I think these ads should insult the general public. Unfortunately they work more than not. Good commentary!

    Stephen Noriega

  2. Tony Robinson

    Thanks Jean for that ad. I guess. It’s just so profoundly depressing to see this all happening again. Four years ago the country got all worked up over Swiftboat ads and John Kerry’s cowardice in Vietnam. Now, here we go again with obsession over lipstick on a pig comments and inane accusations that Obama wants to teach kindergarten kids to have sex. Obama’s camps does it too–all the focus on how many houses McCain owns. Please. I so much hoped that maybe the election would elevate Americans to consider this moment in history–the policy challenges that confront them–the historic choices they face–and that perhaps we would actually grapple with those choices as thinking adults. But every four years, the country seems to descend into some kind of bizarre mind-warp where elections become about gotchas and gaffes, flagpins and house-counts, phony Fox News outrage, and all the rest. It’s late at night, and I’ll feel better in the morning, but I just watched a long TV segment on whether Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment would doom his historic candidacy, and now I watch this ridiculous ad. I’m hoping that someone will just shoot me in the head right now and end it quickly–but most likely I’ll be in class tomorrow.

  3. bbohnert

    Sex in kindergarten? What’s the big deal with that? It could spice up both reading time AND nap time for a new generation of children. I agree that this ad sits firmly in the “are you freaking kidding me category?!? ” but will it work and what are the half-truths that Camp McSmear is clinging to? Unfortunately, this ad plays on raw emotion much like the Willie Horton ad in the 1980s did and the daisy girl ad did before than that and we know from past elections this tends to work. However, I think this ad is ineffective for a couple of reasons. First, I find it hard to believe that even the most ardent anti-Obama folks will somehow believe that he intended to teach 7 year olds about the finer details of sex (you know like positions, foreplay, toys and the like) as the ad not so subtlety implies. A very brief search on the subject reveals that in fact the bill was intended to protect children from inappropriate sexual contact by adults and to recognize the signs of abuse. This all is beside the fact that the bill never made it to the full senate for debate and the fact that he was not a sponsor. Secondly, this ad misses the mark for McCain because it screams “dirty politics” for the casual observer. If he hopes to get the undecideds and swing voters – this will not do it as it insults the intelligence of the general populace. Part of McCain’s appeal rests in his ability to stay somewhat above the fray of politics as usual and maintain his “maverick” image. Now, he becomes a card carrying member of the mudslingers club and in my judgment will lose precious votes because of it. Ultimately, we will probably never know if this ad will change anything in this election but at least we can all rest easy now that Jonny and Sally will know what to do at recess under the jungle gym.

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