Opposition research

In a continuation of my previous blog entree, I think both McCain and Obama campaigns need to invest more resources on conducting opposition research. With that said, perhaps Obama team should hire the whole crew of the Daily Show for that kind of assignment as it seems like they are doing an excellent job of finding numerous gaffes and hypocritical statements made by the Republicans. The following video underscores the laughable level of inconsistency that the GOP presents in many of their talking points.


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4 responses to “Opposition research

  1. Tony Robinson

    Jon Stewart is hilarious and spot-on. Why is it that conservatives tend to dominate talk-radio, while liberal comics and satirists (Stewart, Colbert, Molly Ivins (R.I.P.) are far more prominent that conservative ones?

  2. Stephen Noriega

    To answer Robinson’s question first, its because liberal comics and satirists are actually funny. Talk-radio is just nicotine for everyone’s rage gland. To Leo, you are correct that John Stewart had some great stuff to nail the candidates and their pundits. I’m sure that Obama’s campaign has adequate opposition research. They just have to be very careful in how they present it to the public. They need to make sure that they do not come off as condescending or elitist. They are probably happy to let Stewart do it for them.

  3. johannhellkite

    When presented with the idea of running the excess smear ads like those that McCain is currently being attacked for, or letting a well liked t.v. personality do the dirty work, I would go the Obama route and let the t.v. do it for me. Now all that’s left is to make sure the public knows the lies with some high-road campaigns, while ratings grabbers take the low-road.

  4. sapopp

    I love that clip. I agree that both sides should “invest more resources on conducting opposition research.” Using something like this as a campaign ad could be an effective strategy. I am sure that the Republicans could find inconsistencies in the rhetoric of the Democrats as well, so this tactic could be used by both sides.

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