The Rise of Third Parties

With the a pair of candidates both new to the white house there is an increased possibilty for the new third parties. Libertarians, the Green Party, and famous Independents are the largest parties outside of the major two. This is is gaining increased media attention for theses candidates. Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, has appeared on The Colbert Report. Also via comedian Jillette Penn of Penn and Teller on Glenn Beck Headline News(Dec 16). Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party Candidate, Is mostly found in congressional record, where she sponsored the MLK Records Act, and The Tupac Shakur Records Act. Consumer Advocate Ralph Nadar is always found on multiple films, television programs, and has multiple books out. Below is the video of Penn on Glenn Beck.


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2 responses to “The Rise of Third Parties

  1. Tony Robinson

    The recent highwater mark for third party candidates was Perot in 1992 (nearly 20%) and before that, Anderson in 1980. No third party candidate will approach the numbers of those two candidates this year. Why? 1) This election has too much star-power wrapped up in Obama. There’s not enough oxygen left to sustain a serious third party bid. 2) Third parties thrive on movement sensations that capture the imagination of the electorate, and I have seen no sign of Barr or McKinney becoming an electorate/media darling.

  2. Tony Robinson

    Hey, whoever authored this post should be happy to know that an external blogger was impressed enough with your thoughts to link to them on her blog…

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