He is not finished yet but Bill is brilliant as always. So many people claimed that Bill was going to use this opportunity to further his own legacy. He has surprised many people tonight with his unrestrained support of Obama. He also coined another phrase which will go down in history: The world looks to America for   “the power of our example not the example of our power” (Bill Clinton, Aug 27th approx. 9:15, Pepsi Center at DNC)

More to come soon from the convention

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  1. Tony Robinson

    I was so fortunate to be inside the Pepsi Center and to see the Clinton speech. He was received in adoration, Democrats receiving him as if he were good King Richard the Lionhearted, returning from a long journey to attack the banish the rascals who had ruined the realm in his absence. I recall that “power of our example” line well–it brought down the house inside the convention hall.

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