Unity, at last

I know it may be a little too early to declare “Mission: Accomplished” after just the first day of the Democratic National Convention awards. After all, there are still three more days in which someone may say or do something that will undo the progress that was done today toward party unity in the Democratic party. First, early in the morning, Hillary Clinton addressed the New York delegation and took the opportunity to give a rebuttal to an ad put out by the McCain campaign that makes heavy use of Hillary’s words against Barack Obama in the primaries and actively exploits the fissures in the party by riling up disgruntled Hillary supporters, and slams Obama for not picking Hillary as his running mate:

To which Hillary plainly responded:

Then there was that obviously scripted but nice reference to Hillary’s campaign and allusion to her concession speech by Michelle Obama that garnered the applause of the delegates in the audience. Overall, I think by the end of the first night of the Convention, the Democrats are well on their way to (finally!) smoothing things over and leaving the bitterness and fractures of the primaries behind.


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2 responses to “Unity, at last

  1. Tony Robinson

    Interesting insights and good video. I think you are right that the formal party apparatus is fully united behind Obama, including team Clinton. But during the DNC, I was out in the streets reporting on couple of hundred Hillary advocates who marched down Colfax in support of Hillary and who declared they would never vote Obama (because he was sexist, they alleged, and stole the election from Hillary). I don’t think this group is a large chunk of the electorate at all–but with the Pallin pick, we will see how it plays out.

  2. Diego Del Campo

    I was marching with them! (On Tuesday, that is). The people who are angry/bitter (!) are very few. The people who organized that march specifically asked that no one should make disparaging comments against any candidate. I talked to some reporters about unity, but I’m guessing they didn’t publish that. Believe me, that march was supposed to honor Hillary’s accomplishment of 18 million votes, but sadly it was (as we should have expected) misconstrued as a crazy PUMA march. PUMAs were specifically uninvited, and I think they had their own march on Thursday.

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