The Gamble That Must Win

He may not be the most “popular celebrity in the world” but he is the most popular presidential candidate; at least among young Americans, progressives, and what I feel is an important European support base. For many I know, myself included, Barak Obama brings with him a sense of much need change, hope and a new beginning. Even overseas, the support for Senator Obama is stimulating in that America’s reputation, which has been destroyed by the Bush Administration, could just possibly be mended.

Senator Obama stands for a type of change that at least 49% of American’s have been craving since 2004. He stands for change that I believe only a person who grew up without a silver spoon in their mouth (and knows how many houses he has) can bring. However many American’s are not on the Obama bus. As we all know there is still a huge percentage of the population that just will not be sold to his ideas and another staggering number of approximately fifteen percent who still believe he is a Muslim. Furthermore, the fact that Senator Obama does not have as much experience as others is leaving a few more skeptical of his ability to lead. This thought has been manifested by some in saying that Obama’s social plans are not as exciting as FDR’s New Deal in that using industry profits to subsidize consumers in not revolutionary.

The Democratic Party as it has been for all too long is in a fragile state. Many feel they are are taking a chance on hope or better yer, a gamble on Senator Obama since he really does lack years of experience. If the Obama camp is able to grab the swing vote and independents take a gamble on him, Senator Obama can pave a whole new road for American politics as long as he succeeds in social, economic and foreign matters. The gamble will have been a success and America could not only get on the right track but may also be able to bring ideas to the white house that don’t feel so “priveleged”. If he does not succeed within his first four years, we can all predict very correctly that the Republican and/or conservative base will attack our party into a whole new world of fragility and we may not be able to win the white house for decades to come.

The most important piece of the puzzle that Obama must place in the correct spot, or at least millimeters close, to ensure the “gamble” works is the economy. Because of the feebleness of the economy – deemed by the International Monetary Fund as “the largest financil shock since the Great Depression – the Republican base will use any shortfall from Senator Obama in this arena as a means of declaring that he is unable to lead. The “I told you so” factor. The next president will inherit and estimated 480 billion dollar deficit abd already, Senator Obama is receiving criticism from places such as the McCain camp concerning necessary tax increases to get us out of debt!

Balancing the budget is going to be an enormous task for any one who is elected to undertake it; whether it be Obama or McCain. Many of the reasons the majority of American’s are behind Senator Obama are because of his  promises of change; mainly for social programs. A massive player in this arena is universal health care. If he inherits a deficit that must be fixed before anything else can take place, health care reform may have to wait until his second term; as long as American’s are patient enough to wait that long.

The point to all of this is that I fear American’s are going to want everything all at once. It’s like how our nation gives up on a diet because they didn’t lose ten pounds in five days. There is going to have to be patience in and out of the Democratic party. If he can’t do it in his first four years, give him four more. I have faith the Senator Obama can bring to us the majority of what he promises. If he can’t do it right away, it does not mean he can’t do it! Let us stick together and help him succeed because if we don’t, the door to change that we are hopefully able to open might glue itself shut for the next century. And I really don’t want to hear from the Republican’s, “I told you so.”



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2 responses to “The Gamble That Must Win

  1. Tony Robinson

    Very insightful commentary. Full of new information, good links and video. I like the metaphor of the Obama gamble–but I’m also taken by the title: “The gamble that must win.” Of course, if it is a gamble–there’s no guarantee of winning at all. Maybe the gamble “must win,” but what happens if it doesn’t? Then what?

  2. ilasiea

    I really enjoyed your post and all of the links. I like the “gamble” theme but I’m not quite sure I agree with it’s context. I don’t think American’s should be seen as “gambling” when choosing their President. I do agree however that balancing the budget in regards to the economy is going to be extremely important for Obama or McCain. I also agree that if Obama does become President, people are going to need to give him time to put everything in effect. He will most definitely bring change, but that change will not happen over night!

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