Has The Sleeping Giant Awakened?

Barack Obama’s poll numbers have slipped in the last few weeks. Where he had a commanding lead over, self declared underdog John McCain, it is now almost dead even. So what happened? How can a country leaning overwhelmingly democrat right now not have the same support for the candidate that party is trying to run for president?

There are many answers to that question but I think a major part is the credentials that Barack would bring to the white house are not what people are used to. America has not been very liberal when it comes to their commander in chief and this election I don’t feel is really any different.

One thing is horribly clear in world politics today. When a Super Power wants to do something there is no real way to stop them. When China wants to flood a valley so they can build a dam it is China that makes that decision and not any one else.

When Russia invades a sovereign nation the same could also be said. The world has drawn a clear line in the sand when it comes to sovereign states. You are not aloud to invade any more, and the world will stand together and react accordingly. When Iraq invaded Kuwait this is the kind of reaction that happened. The World stood together and forced the Iraqis to leave. This is the only reaction the world can do now with the recent invasion of Georgia.

Extend this out to the extreme and the picture is not one that either country really wants to look at. Russia remains in these 2 provinces, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and shows no sign of returning. The first option is to ask nicely for them to leave. This has been so far kind of successful. Humanitarian efforts seem to be getting through and there has been, to say the least, dialogue between Russia and the rest of the EU/USA. But that is where the action stops. But what happens if they don’t leave? Is there a compromise that can happen, remember Europe compromised once before.

Russia has said that they will begin to move troops back by August 18 but at this point there is no evidence that they are actually doing this. So how does the world react to such blatant disregard of sovereignty by the Russians? More importantly how does the next potential United States president react to this?

What does this mean to the next possible president and how does it relate to their hopes of becoming president? McCain’s polls are way higher in the national defense and foreign relation field. Voters seem to trust him more on this than Obama. With a very close race this may be just what the republicans and McCain need to gain that edge to win the presidency.

The Democrats have sent a Potential VP candidate, Joseph Biden, to Georgia. With Joe’s foreign policy and defense experience maybe Obama can capture some of the waning defense voters. But at this point it doesn’t seem like it. If McCain wants to win this bid he has to jump all over this.

Prime Minister Putin has shown his colors in Russia as to what kind of leader, albeit popular, he is. The democracy level in Russia is lower than it has been in years and with this new action who is to say that he won’t maintain the road he has chosen.  The only people who are going to make the Russians stop are the Russians, unless the choice is war. So the world NEEDS a US president that can talk to them. The question then is who do you want to sit across the table from Russia? I don’t want to use fear but that is what it will come to. It is also the acknowledgment of what the ultimate price to pay for inaction is.

A large portion of the voters that are supporting Barak Obama are young 18 to 29 years old. Many of these people were not even alive during the Cold war. A large portion of McCain supporters remember all to well the constant threat of total war. If McCain wants to win this campaign These are the issues he needs to rely on. He is not winning in on the issues that are broadcast everyday. Issues like economy, energy, or the unpopular Iraq war do not get him elected. Make his base and the middle ground realize what he would do for them and he will turn out voters.



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2 responses to “Has The Sleeping Giant Awakened?

  1. Stephen Noriega

    I agree that McCain has the edge on foreign relations and security issues. However, he shouldn’t. He was on watch when we botched the transition of the Russian economy and allowed for democracy to die there. He was on watch when we ran into Iraq before we had arrested Osama Bin Laden or Mullah Omar. Maybe we should ask him who Mullah Omar was. He was only the leader of Afghanistan who helped with the implementation of 9/11. McCain claims the Georgian president is his friend but he mispronounced his name four times in a row. I don’t know how this can be done, but McCain is simply not the foreign expert he claims to be.

  2. Tony Robinson

    As McCain continues to do well in recent polling, I would like to see detailed analysis of how much of that is due to voters growing concern with such things as Russia/Georgia, and how much of it is due to the the revival of “culture wars” and people feeling more comfortable with “good ol’ girl” Palin?

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