Can Obama Pull it out?

  Although many different polls throughout the last couple of months have shown Obama ahead of McCain by as many as 12 points at one point in time, this recent poll doesn’t seem so sure about that anymore.  This poll is showing John ahead of Barack by as many as 5points based off of his ability to manage the economy.  It has no become more apparent that Barack needs to show more understanding and the ability to be able to manage this country’s future.  This is McCain’s first lead in the polls, so now isn’t the time to panic for the Obama campaign but it is time to realize that calling “for a time of CHANGE” isn’t going to be the platform that can find Obama in the white house, like it got him the nomination.  This poll actually reinforces some of the stuff that we were discussing in class the other day, McCain needs to discredit and throw dirt on the Obama campaign.  But I feel at the same time as doing that McCain needs to show more of his Republican nature, it can be argued that John is not catering and bringing home the base GOP votes like “Americas party” has in the past.  The economy is one of the leading concerns of Americans today, possibly the leading, and McCain taking nearly a 10 point advantage over Obama in that category does not look good; when the “issue” voters go to the polls, and vote solely on their issues of concern they aren’t going to be voting for who can bring a warm feeling of change over the American people, they are going to vote for things like the economy and foreign policy.  The Zogby poll says “Obama’s support among Democrats fell 9 percentage points this month to 74 percent, while McCain has the backing of 81 percent of Republicans. Support for Obama, an Illinois senator, fell 12 percentage points among liberals, with 10 percent of liberals still undecided compared to 9 percent of conservatives.” If this holds true through the election this is going to pose a major problem for Obama, because it isn’t even looking like conservatives are posing as big of a problem for McCain as expected although it is some sort of a concern.  If Obama plans on pulling this out he needs to make sure that he maintains the support of people 18-29, he needs to speak on foreign policy and the economy a bit more showcasing some intelligence and some sort of VIABLE plan to right the ship; not just political bull crap.  If he does those two things, while still driving the time for change card, it will for sure out him in a better position.  I personally feel that Obama needs to nominate Hilary as his VP regardless of how childish some may view it.  21% of Hilary’s supporters went to McCain, this is not a buff… this voters are pissed off that Hilary did not receive the nomination, they are bitter and WILL NOT vote for Obama without Clinton specifically coming out and telling them too, and at the same time accepting the nomination.  Without Hilary’s supporters Obama is going to find it very difficult to find breathing room in the polls.  Unfortunately, I said it, Obama needs Hilary to back him, and as his vice president, to secure an easy ticket to the white house.


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2 responses to “Can Obama Pull it out?

  1. Stephen Noriega

    I think we need to wait for the ether of the conventions to wear off before we take any poll seriously. I believe that Palin is part of that ether. Once some real issues take hold of the campaigns (if that ever will happen) then the polls will have more credibility for me. Once we stop talking about lipstick and start talking about foreclosures, then let’s see who is in the lead. To me, the Republicans want to brand Obama as a celebrity, but they are the ones running on personality more than issues.

  2. Tony Robinson

    Very interesting post Keith. All those polling numbers are very informative. The post would be easier to read and learn from if you break it up into paragraphs to give the reader some relief, maybe set aside and highlight a quote or two, etc. Also, make sure to insert hyperlinks to your sources throughout. Finally, building blog entries around a variety of sources (3 or 4) makes for a bit more range and a more persuasive post, as it has more supportive evidence.

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